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FPW’s Annual Campaign to Support Boston Medical’s Grow Clinic

Nov 9, 2023

For nearly 35 years, FPW has participated in the annual holiday gift drive for the Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Hospital.

For those new to this campaign, the Grow Clinic (linked above) works with a population of Boston area residents whose children have been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. The Grow Clinic requests gifts in the form of $25 gift cards from Target, Stop & Shop or Amazon. These gift cards allow families the dignity to buy food for the holidays and select gifts as desired.

You may contribute any amount by check, cash, or Venmo.  Izzy and Beth Tappan-deFrees will collect money and/or pre-purchase gift cards from now until December 3rd. when you may join us from 3:00 to 5:00pm at the annual “Dec the Halls” event to help decorate the church for the holidays!

If you prefer to donate directly to the Grow Clinic, please navigate to the “”donate”” section on the link above.

Checks should be made out to “Beth Tappan-deFrees.” (Note: any donations made to “FPW” will not be added to this collection.)

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