Sunday, March 29 at 10:30am

This Sunday we will once again be worshiping together online using Zoom

If you haven’t yet used Zoom, you’ll want to go to, click “Join Meeting,” and download the software. Then you’ll be all set for Sunday morning. There is a link for joining by computer, laptop, or smartphone, as well as a phone number for joining on any telephone, that was sent out through Breeze to all church members and friends – if you did not receive it, please contact Wendy ( or Allison ( and we will send it to you.

The worship service will begin at our normal time – 10:30am – but you are encouraged to join the video call early so you can get tech support if you need it. The Zoom Room will open at 10:00am. 

When you enter the online sanctuary (aka, join the video conference meeting room) you will be muted and your video will be turned off, so you won’t be able to see one another. We ask that you please keep yourself muted until the end of the worship service. However, we’d love to see your faces and have you see one another, so if you feel comfortable being seen, you are invited to turn your video on.

You can use the Chat function to interact with other participants and with the online greeters. You can open up the Chat function once you’re in the meeting by clicking on the “More” icon at the bottom right of your screen and then choosing “Chat.” You may need to move your cursor down for the options to become visible.

Once you’re on the call, if you have any questions, you can use the Chat function to ask them and get help. We will also be using the Chat function to share our Joys and Sorrows, so at the appropriate time in the service, you’ll be invited to type them in for others to see.

There will be other ways to participate from home as well…

  • Chalice Lighting: You may want to choose a candle ahead of time that you can use as your household “chalice.” You can light your chalice at home when the chalice is lit during the service. You can also use the Chat Function to tell us that the chalice has been lit at your home, for instance, “The Chalice is lit on Church Street!”
  • Hymns/Affirmation/Doxology: We will be sharing the words to hymns, affirmation and doxology online, along with an audio recording of the music, so you can sing/speak along. You will be muted, so we won’t be able to hear one another, so sing as boldly as you’d like!
  • Social Hour: We expect the service itself will run for approximately 30-40 minutes. After the service you are invited and encouraged to stay online for a Virtual Coffee/Social Hour! When the service concludes, we will use the “Breakout Room” function on Zoom to randomly assign you to small groups of 7-9 people so that you can check-in with one another. You will, of course, have to supply your own food and beverage! 😊

Love to you all, and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Rev. Wendy


Zoom Community Check-in’s for the week of March 29 – April 4

During the coming week, you are invited once again to a series of FPW Community Check-in opportunities via Zoom. These are simple, informal gatherings and anyone is welcome. You may join in at one or more of the following times:

  • Tuesday, March 31 at 3pm
  • Wednesday, April 1 @ 11am
  • Thursday, April 2 @ 3pm
  • Thursday, April 2 @ 8pm

You can join any of the above gatherings from a computer or laptop or by phone, using the informaiton sent out via Breeze.

I look forward to seeing you! In the meantime, stay healthy, stay in touch,

Rev. Wendy

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