A Typical Sunday Service

Worship services are held every Sunday morning at 10:30 am from September to June in our Sanctuary. Our services last about one hour and fifteen minutes. Lay-led services are held during the summer months starting at 9:30 am. Dress is informal.

The first fifteen minutes of the service includes our weekly announcements, a musical prelude, our opening rituals and chalice lighting, and a time for all ages.  Our minister regularly leads the service, including selected readings, a sermon, and a spoken meditation.  Several times through the church year, members of the congregation lead lay services.

Children remain with their families for the first few minutes of nearly every worship service.  After that, they are invited to attend age-appropriate Religious Education classes.  Several times during the year, our Sunday service is created for our entire community and children and adults worship together. We incorporate stories, activities, and special music that engage people of all ages.

Services are followed by social hour downstairs, where you can enjoy coffee, refreshments and conversation.

wooden box with chalice holding lit candles standing in sand