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Religious Education Search Team Update

Mar 17, 2023

An update from the RE Hiring Team: We have gone live with the announcement of our search for a Director of Lifespan Faith Exploration (DLFE) which is our new title for the former position of Director of Religious Education.  You may view the announcement on the church website at  If you know of anyone who might meet our qualifications, please direct them to our website!

Thus far we are pleased to have 5 applicants. We have unanimously agreed to move forward with 4 of them, expecting that more applications will come in. Our team is committed to a fair and equitable hiring process. The entire team will interview our selected candidates virtually starting in the next few weeks. From those interviewed, we will then select finalists who will visit the church and meet one on one with Rev. Sophia. The finalists will also meet with the RE committee. The final recommendation for hiring will rest with the RE Hiring Team taking into consideration feedback from the RE committee and the recommendations provided by the candidates. We are excited to have some very well qualified candidates who meet our criteria for this position! Our team, which has been meeting weekly since the beginning of February, has thoughtfully discussed the qualities in an ideal candidate for our church. We will continue to work together with care to find the person who best fits our congregation’s hopes and dreams for an exciting program of faith exploration for all ages at First Parish.

The RE Hiring Team:
Matt Calabro
Danielle England
Rev. Sophia Lyons
Sarah McSweeney
Martha Pedersen
Juliette Pickering
Susan Twombly

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