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Musically Speaking – March 10th, 2023

Mar 10, 2023

Once again, I find myself in celebration-mode.  At First Parish, have so much to celebrate:Man with glasses and woman stand smiling in front of window

  • We love our minister.
  • We have many new members at First Parish and people are returning to the sanctuary for Sunday Worship services.
  • We reach people who cannot be there on Sundays with hybrid services done by our wonderful team of tech support.
  • More and more people are getting involved in church activities.
  • We are creating shared ministry by digging into committees that frame our life at church. 

Consistent with all this is that our choir has more singers in all sections.  These are people new to First Parish and these are people who are not new to First Parish, but are new to singing in the choir.  This makes singing in the group better and better.  The blend of our voices is much improved.  Any singer can take more risks, as they are in community with others.  All singers are important and each helps shape our singing into something new and wonderful.

If there is a down side to this, it is that we will be needing to reconsider/recreate our choir stoles!  We now have enough for everyone with none leftover.  What a lavish problem to have. 

I am grateful beyond words.

There is still room for more!!  If you would like to join the choir, I and we welcome your singing.  If you are considering joining us, reach out to me at my email address: or in person after worship on Sundays.  (One not-small thing is that our choir parties are really fun; they usually are a pot-luck with amazing food that we all bring to share.)

With all sincerity,

Music at First Parish in March:

(Be sure to spring your clock ahead on Sunday, March 12th!)

  • Our March 12th service will include music provided by Michael Collins.
  • At the March 19th service, Allyssa Lawson, cello, will be playing.
  • Tuesday, March 21st is Vespers at the NEW TIME of 7 pm.  Musicians will include John Buchanan, Michael Collins and Izzy Tappan deFrees, French horn with Guy on piano.
  • On March 26th, the First Parish choir will be singing two anthems that are consistent with our theme for March, Vulnerability.  They are The Seal Lullaby and O Vos Omnes (mostly sung in Latin, the text is from Lamentations). 
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