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Office Notes – September 23rd, 2022

Sep 23, 2022

We’ve been starting off our church year in September with the theme of Belonging. Along with the ceremonies and intentional moments – celebrating the annual Water Service and thinking about how our building can be more welcoming – we find belonging in our congregation through mundane, everyday acts and tools, like remembering to wear a name tag and greeting new faces. 

One of the mundane, but important, tools that helps support our connections is the church directory. We use Breeze Church Management Software as our password-protected directory. While it has lots of features (calendars, volunteer management, and pledge tracking!), at its heart, it is a directory of people’s contacts and information. 

As we move into the fall, take a few minutes to look at your own profile and update it: make sure your contact is correct, add or update a picture, and add your pronouns (under Main). There is even a “More info” section if you have more to say! (Note that you can’t update all the fields on your profile – if you see an error with something like your committee membership, let Allison or Kate know to correct it!) 

Once you’ve updated your own profile, take a look around at some other profiles. It can help put names to faces, figure out who’s who on committees, and let you get in touch. 

If you need directions on logging in for the first time, or the first time in a while, or have some questions, start with the Directory page on our website. If you’re not sure if you’re in the directory, or have more questions, reach out to Kate HP, Sue Sours, Allison, or the Communications and Membership Committees. 

More office updates: If you’ve stopped into the freshly painted office, you’ll have seen that the mailboxes are now on the wall to the right of the door – and there are fewer of them!  We’re trying to minimize the accumulation of clutter, and many of those mailboxes seem to have turned into storage. If you had a committee or other mailbox, especially if there were things stored in it, please get in touch with Allison ( to talk about what will be where in the new arrangement.

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