Annual Pledges

We work together to make First Parish of Watertown a vibrant and empowering place for all who enter our doors. We serve in our church with time, talent, and generosity of spirit. We strive to live our values in the broader community as well, taking part in community service with groups and as individuals, and bringing our whole selves to the world outside. We commit to provide our financial support to First Parish.

Our generous financial contributions to First Parish are essential to the ongoing success and growth of all our programs and all we do together as a faith community.

Annual Pledge Drive 2023

Circle ‘Round
Receiving and Giving in Community


Participation Goal (78 Pledge Units)


Financial Goal ($230,000)

What is a pledge?

A pledge is your promise to make a contribution in support of the operating budget of the church. You can pay in installments throughout the church fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Why Pledge?

Your pledge is essential to supporting the many experiences First Parish offers you and your family:

  • Weekly worship: thought‐provoking sermons and extraordinary music helping us along our spiritual journey.
  • Our sanctuary: an historic, beautiful building that we are preserving and enhancing for ourselves and future generations.
  • Religious education: programs engaging children and youth that support their faith and social development.
  • Adult education: programs on multiculturalism and inclusion, book groups, UU classes, and spiritual autobiographies.
  • Fellowship: social activities including choir, game nights, family playgroups, potluck suppers, talent shows, sing‐alongs, and an art show.
  • Community involvement: Social action advocacy, Mother’s Day Walk for Peace, Giving Boxes, benefit concerts, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Staff: support for our minister and staff and the many programs and activities they bring to First Parish.

2022-2023 Budgeted Expenses

Total: $391,709

Facilities: $117,832 (31%)
Worship: $59,808 (15%)
Administration: $57,856 (15%)
Religious Education: $67,868 (15%)
Fellowship: $37,236 (10%)
Music: $36,163 (9%)
Outreach: $14,944 (4%)

Pie chart showing expenses: facilities 30%, worship 15%, admin 15%, religious education 17%, fellowship 10%, music 9%, outreach 4%

Pledges from our members and friends are the major source of income for the church’s operating budget each year.

This growing, thriving, big-loving church serves as a beacon of hope at a time when hope is in short supply. I pray you will Circle ‘Round and make the most generous pledge that you can this year, trusting that your gift is part of a wondrous chain of reciprocity whose very power is nothing short of transformative. On behalf of the leaders and staff at First Parish, and from my heart to yours – thank you.

Rev. Sophia Lyons

2022-2023 Income

Total: $391,709

Pledges: $227,000 (58%)
Watertown Bank: $75,423 (18%)
Endowment Funds: $45,000 (11%)
Misc. Rental: $12,000 (3%)
Preschool: $23,743 (6%)
Other Collections:$12,543 (3%)

pie chart showing income sources: Pledges 58%, Watertown Bank 18%, Endowment Funds 11%, Rentals 3%, Preschool 6%, Other Collections 3%

How to Pledge

Make your pledge for 2023-2024 using the form linked below. You are encouraged to make your pledge by March 24.

Alternatively, you can email pledge information to John Portz at

All pledge information is confidential.

2023 Pledge Calendar

February 26: Stewardship Sunday
March 4: Lunch with kids’ activities
March 11: Evening potluck
March 12: Giving Committee-led lay service
March 14: 8 PM Zoom gathering
March 15: 7 PM Zoom gathering
March 31: End of pledge period
April 1: New church fiscal year begins

How much should I pledge?

We are a growing congregation and we all need to be as generous as we can. A guideline is to pledge between 3% and 5% of your annual income (see Suggested Pledges table), but every pledge is welcomed. All pledge information is confidential. If your financial situation changes during the year, you can modify your pledge by contacting the Treasurer.

Please consider making a generous donation to our Annual Fund. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Your generous contribution will ensure that future generations enjoy the spiritual community of First Parish.

Suggested Pledges

$150,000 and higher$12,000$1,000
Income RangeAnnual PledgeMonthly Pledge

When and how do I pay my pledge?

You can pay your pledge throughout the fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. Payments may be made by check or through online giving. If you would like to pre-pay your pledge before April 1, please contact the church administrator at or (617) 924-6143.