Coming of Age Service  – June 8, 2014 – Credos and more

Coming soon – a link to a YouTube video of the service and the Credos from the Youth

Tracy’s Meditation

Coming of Age Meditation by Ursula K. Le Guin


Please bring strange things.

Please come bringing new things.

Let very old things come into your hands.

Let what you do not know come into your eyes.

Let desert sand harden your feet.

Let the arch of your feet be the mountains.

Let the paths of your fingertips be your maps

and the ways you go be the lines on your palms.

Let there be deep snow in your inbreathing

and your outbreath be the shining of ice.

May your mouth contain the shapes of strange words.

May you smell food cooking you have not eaten.

May the spring of a foreign river be your navel.

May your soul be at home where there are no houses.

Walk carefully, well loved one,

walk mindfully, well loved one,

walk fearlessly, well loved one.

Return with us, return to us,

be always coming home.

Katie Chamberlain – Credo

So a credo is a statement of one’s beliefs. Well what do I believe? At this given moment my beliefs are the product of a combination of experiences, teachings, and conclusions but I’ve had and made over the past 14 years that I’ve been around. But what are they?

While pondering this question, I realized there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to it, people agree on certain things and disagree on others both of them are relying on their own experiences, teachings, and conclusions and they can be both right, because that’s what makes sense for them in their life.

These are simply my beliefs. A lot of this conclusion is based in part on being a member of this community as well. I’m grateful for being able to go up in such a warm, accepting environment such as this one. I realized that no matter what happens in my life, no matter how successful I am, if I don’t have friendships and connections in my life, it won’t be complete. Which is why I believe these are so important to have. I’d rather be rich with friends than rich with money.

Building off of this, I believe that the connections we make in our life time don’t end once we’re gone. In my mind, the part of the person that was true to this life, still has a presence and helps guide his or her loved ones, which is my version of a higher power. I would like to believe that God is often people’s way of referencing this higher Power.  There are parts of the spirit that I like to call the core. This center cannot be changed within one’s lifetime, but requires many lifetimes to bend, shape and pull in different directions. I believe this is where many of us get the deeper parts of our personalities, parts we simply need more time to cultivate.

I imagine a huge network of spirits that we are all connected to in someway. We are all made up of multiple parts that are also connected to this life here on Earth, in more ways than we can imagine. Some parts of us can be dedicated towards remembering each other, and enjoying the moment, while others can be dedicated towards wanting to do the best that we can in this life, while still other parts are more dedicated towards facts and scientifically proving everything here.

Hobbies and pastimes we make for ourselves are how I prove to myself that we have a greater purpose other than staying alive on this Earth.  Personally I enjoy writing poetry, taking pictures, along with a variety of other things to further express myself and to find purpose in this world and to feel more connected to it.

Along with hobbies, I hope to find a profession that incorporates my interests in one way or another. A dream job for me is one that helps the world become a better place to live in, pays enough to live well, and is something that I enjoy doing. However, my ideas are open to change because I’m sure for that life experiences will probably alter them slightly in one way or another.

Whatever happens though, I’m pretty much 316% certain that I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t have the same understanding of how life works in complex and sometimes weird ways, if it weren’t for this church and community. Thank you for that.


Asher Harris – Credo

One thing that I find important is family.  Of course by family I mean everyone at church who is dear to me.  I love Jill and Barbara for being such excellent grand-parents and fantastic guides to all of us.  They remind us of something I believe in, which is to stay young at heart.  I am really thankful for all of the kids, who I think of as my brothers and sisters.  I love playing games with them.  They really brighten my Sundays.  I also appreciate having close, good friends in my class.  I am thankful for everyone, and am glad you are here.  You make me happy and give me great stories to tell.

I always call my self a UU Buddhist.  The Buddhist principle of non-attachment really helps me.  I think it is important to be able to let things go, and see what is happening.

I think church should be about celebration and supporting one another, and not be too boring or depressing about things we have no control over.  It is important and good to be informed and to be helpful people, but you don’t have to hit us with a hammer.

An excellent memory of church for me is all the skits I have been able to do with my dad.  My favorite one was when he and I were dressed in matching duck outfits for an Easter service.  I hope to be an actor professionally and when I reach the big time I will be thinking of being a kid in our church.