Did you know our congregation was founded in 1630? That means we’re approaching our 400th anniversary in 2030! We can feel very proud of our church, with its vibrant membership, beautiful church building, and many other strengths. It’s exciting to imagine its future. What do you think will be happening with our congregation in ten years – or fifty?

Please join the Trustees for an evening of stories about our past and of envisioning our future at 6:30pm on Saturday, May 16, 2020. We will serve dinner, and share a fun and informative evening for members of all ages.

I am a church Trustee, and together with my fellow trustees, I work with the church’s endowment funds. Each of our three endowments has its own distinct story. Long ago, members like us established these funds out of love for our congregation and community. Today the endowments are still at work, extending our ability to help others in our community and support the many services provided by our staff. In the late ‘60’s and early 70’s our endowments enabled us to survive a bleak period of declining membership and rapidly escalating maintenance costs on our previous church building. To this day, these funds make a significant annual contribution to our church operating budget.

As a Trustee I feel immense gratitude to the people whose foresight many decades ago has literally saved the church and extended its mission. I am also proud that our management of the endowments reflects our common values. Toward this end we work with an investment company that manages these funds with recognition that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are important for long-term sustainability. The ESG criteria allow our collective voice to be heard through our manager’s active advocacy of corporate policies that reflect our values.

This and other stories are informative as we contemplate our congregation’s coming 400th anniversary, and consider our own legacy.

I look forward to sharing these stories and talking with you about our future on May 16th.

Clint Sours, on behalf of the First Parish Trustees