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Rev. Sophia’s Installation News

Sep 20, 2022

The Installation of Rev. Sophia on Sept. 25 at 10:30 will be a special and important time for our church community.  If you are planning to attend the Installation service, whether in person or via Zoom, there are a few things that the installation committee would like to share with you. We are expecting a full house, so know that distancing will be difficult, if not impossible.  There will be KN-95 masks available, windows will be open, and we have four air purifiers that will be running.

If you attend by Zoom, we hope you will consider coming to the church afterwards to enjoy the potluck reception which will be partly held outside in the memorial garden. 

For families with children, because of the need for additional space, there will not be a “children’s gathering spot” in the front of the sanctuary that Sunday.  Children can sit with their families and enjoy exploring the special worship packets which we will have available.  The minister’s office will be available for parents to take children who need a break.  A speaker will allow parents to hear the service from this space.

For those of us who are part of the congregation, we will be encouraged to park in the CVS parking lot next door to us, so that invited guests will have access to the church parking lot.  

The Fellowship Committee could use a few more volunteers to make sweet or savory finger food for Sunday’s Installation Reception. If you can help, please contact Marianne Collins.

We are looking forward to a safe and joyous celebration of this important milestone in our church’s history..

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