Standing Committees

In the tradition of Congregational Polity, our church is organized and governed by volunteer committees.

Governance Committees

Parish Committee

The Parish Committee is the governing board of the church. This committee makes policy decisions and manages the overall direction and business of the church.
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Trustees of First Parish Watertown

The First Parish Trustees are responsible for the wellbeing and preservation of the church’s three endowment accounts. These include the Ministerial Fund, the Perpetuity Fund, and the Helen Robinson Wright Fund. Proceeds from the first two are used to support the parish’s operating budget, while the Wright Fund is used exclusively for charitable purposes in the broader community. The Trustees also work to increase the size of First Parish’s endowments through the encouragement of members of the congregation to provide for the church in their wills and estate plans.
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Committee on Ministry

Appointed by the minister, the Committee on Ministry serves as the liaison between the congregation and the minister. It also addresses topics the minister wishes to discuss. Any discussion issues related to the minister should be brought to this committee.
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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages short- and long-term financial activities of the church. Its main areas of responsibility are managing the budget and performing an annual review and presentation of the church budget. It is responsible for the annual pledge campaign, which solicits annual pledges from all members and friends of the church.
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Safe Congregation Committee

The Safe Congregation Committee works to ensure that this religious community is a place where there is maximum possible safety – physical safety, safety in our interactions, and spiritual safety.
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Helen Robinson Wright Fund Distribution Committee

The Helen Robinson Wright Fund Distribution Committee makes decisions on appropriations of grants to local charities and Watertown residents in financial need. It was established through the generosity of lifetime Watertown resident Helen Robinson Wright. Mrs. Wright’s estate endowed the trust fund that bears her name.
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Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee, appointed by Parish Committee, is charged with creating and maintaining Personnel Policies and understanding of job/salary needs and requirements for the congregation.
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Program Committees

Worship Committee

The mission of the Worship Committee is to work with the Minister and the Music Director to ensure the spiritual needs of this congregation are met in the vision, structure, and tone of the worship services. The committee serves as the congregation’s means of actively participating in making its worship services meaningful and supportive or individual and communal spiritual growth and enhancement. The committee helps coordinate special services, lay-led services, and organizes lay-led summer services.
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Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of all aspects of the First Parish Watertown RE program. They meet monthly to review such issues as curriculum and class planning, RE policy, special programs, youth group, and the hiring and direction of our Director of Religious Education.
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Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee addresses social issues such as poverty, food and housing insecurity, racism, and immigration. We commit to being a force for social change by working with others in the larger community to promote justice, equity, and compassion. The Social Action Committee coordinates monthly designated offerings to support the work of community organizations.
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Green Sanctuary Committee

The Green Sanctuary Committee is charged with informing the members about environmental issues and helping to transform individual lives and the church’s building and programs so that we can all reduce our carbon footprint and avert greater environmental desecration.
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Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee supervises the maintenance, repair, and improvement of Parish buildings and grounds, including both the meeting house and the parsonage. This committee helps to select and supervise the sexton, and oversee all the regularly contracted service and maintenance work on the church. At times the committee will organize and lead the congregation in volunteer events to further the maintenance, repair, and improvement activities.
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Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee arranges for engravings and oversees interments in our Memorial Garden in accordance with church policies and keeps a permanent record of all such engravings and interments.
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Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee is engaged in helping all community members feel welcome. They meet monthly to plan social events, often working with other committees to ensure wide interest. They recruit and train greeters for our church services, create name buttons, and work hard to identify and support newcomers. Some favorite church events include Holiday Decorating and Crafts, Annual Variety Show, Trivia/Game Night, the Winter Solstice Celebration, and Passover Seder. The committee also helps coordinate potluck meals and food for special church events.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee facilitates the process of becoming a member. The committee ensures visitors have information about the church, coordinates official welcome ceremonies, and tracks the growth of our congregation. The committee also organizes events that promote and support membership.
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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee facilitates external and internal outreach and communications through production and publication of content in print, audio-visual, and electronic form.
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