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2024 Annual Meeting Warrant

Mar 22, 2024

The First Parish of Watertown, Unitarian Universalist Warrant for 393rd Annual Meeting


To: Kate Hanson Plass, Clerk of the First Parish of Watertown, Greetings:

You are hereby requested to notify and warn the legal members of the First Parish of Watertown to meet in the meeting house or virtually SUNDAY, THE 7th DAY OF APRIL, 2024 after the service, to act on the following articles, viz:

Article 1 Reports. To receive the reports of: the Minister; the Treasurer; the President of the Trustees of the Ministerial Fund; the Chair of the Trustees of the Perpetuity Fund; the Historian; and all Committees heretofore appointed or elected, and take any other action related thereto.

Article 2 Nominations. To hear and act upon the report of the Nominating Committee and any nominations made from the floor, and to choose the regular Parish Officers, viz: Moderator, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer for one year; Clerk for one year, Historian for one year; and to choose members of the Parish, Religious Education, Worship, Social Action, Fellowship, Finance, Communications and Nominating Committees, and such other committees as may be necessary and provided in the By-Laws; and to fill any vacancies in unexpired terms which may exist at the time of the Annual Meeting.

Article 3 Financial Reporting and New Budget. To hear the report of the Treasurer as to the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024 and the report of the Parish Committee on the budget for the 2024-2025 Fiscal Year and the report of the canvass for pledges, to grant such sums of money as may be found necessary for the use and expenses of the Parish for the ensuing year, to direct how the money shall be raised, and take action relating thereto.

Article 4 To transact such other business as may legally be brought before the meeting.

Given under our hands as of this 24th day of March 2024.

Parish Committee, Jean Merkl, Chair

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