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Circle ‘Round: Receiving and Giving in Community

Mar 17, 2023

At this time of year we’re often reminded how First Parish remains a special place for all of us. In addition to contributing our time and talents to make the work of the church possible, we also contribute financial support.

During the Annual Appeal in March, as a self-governing congregation we reflect on the church, and then pledge an amount of our choosing.  

As shown on the giving webpage, pledges now account for more than half of the annual operating budget, a significant achievement! Again this year the need is great, but so is the opportunity. Despite reduced rental income and expected inflation, we now have the opportunity to recruit for a Lifespan R.E. Director, serving children, youth and adult Religious Education. Every pledge counts! With participation from everyone, pledges of all sizes will achieve the goal: 78 pledges and $230,000 raised.

How do you make a pledge? By filling out our quick “Pledge Form”, available on the Giving webpage. This page also has helpful info on church finances, and the numerous church activities you will be helping to support. You can also pledge by emailing committee member John Portz at (either way, please consider pledging by March 24 to make the budgeting process easier for the Finance Committee). 

Pledges are payable over the coming church year (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024), either monthly or another schedule that works for you.

Thanks for your continued support of First Parish. Your many gifts help make our community a place of strength, inspiration and faith.

FPW Giving Committee
Michael Collings
John Portz
Bob Shay
Clint Sours

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