“How Are the Children?”  –  Mark W. Harris – May 19, 2019

“How Are the Children?”  –  Mark W. Harris  May 19, 2019 – First Parish of Watertown   Opening Words – “Beyond Borders by Rick Hoyt Go forth Because we are always going forth from somewhere  Going from our homes, our childhoods Going from our cities and countries Going from innocence to experience to enlightenment Going […]

“Expressions of Ministry”  – Mark W. Harris – May 5, 2019

“Expressions of Ministry” by Mark W. Harris – I have spent the last many weeks discussing with students where they derive their authority as ministers. Mostly we conclude that authority is drawn from the communities we serve. We must live with people and engage with people. As I disentangle from 23 years of ministry in Watertown, we all must ask what our expressions of ministry are in a congregation where we teach that we are all ministers to each other.

“The Power of Ideas” by Mark W. Harris –  April 14,  2019

“The Power of Ideas” by Mark W. Harris – I have long been fascinated by the power of ideas, and how certain “truths” get inside our heads and remain there as gospel, even if they only contain a kernel of truth. How much does the power of an idea have a hold on you?

“Tidying Up and Sparking Joy”  by  Mark W. Harris – March 31, 2019

Tidying Up and Sparking Joy” by Mark W. Harris – Do you ever feel overwhelmed with stuff? Getting ready to move to Maine has meant an ongoing purge of books, furniture, clothes and files. What items have I kept because they bring me joy, and what does tidying up do for my sense of balance, letting go and spiritual growth? Let’s explore the religious implications of Marie Kondo’s quest for tidiness.

“Rewarding the Responsible”  by Mark W. Harris –  February 17, 2019

“Rewarding the Responsible” – Mark W. Harris – Is there any reward for being responsible? For those who answer emails promptly and are on time, what is the benefit? The responsible people often end up waiting or not hearing from someone, but there is no penalty for irresponsibility. What to do?

“Dream On” by Mark W. Harris – January 20, 2019

“Dream On” by Mark W. Harris – People often remember Dr. King for his I Have a Dream speech. Do you dream? I don’t mean those odd, colorful and strange visions at night, but rather visions for your life, or the life of the church, or the life of the world.

“An Ageist Story” by Mark W. Harris  January 13, 2019

“An Ageist Story” by Mark Harris – Is American society ageist? Old people are put out to pasture, and no one pays any attention to them. To compensate we all pretend that we are forever young. Many us, even if we are old, can be ageist, too.