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Faith Explorers – Be an Explorer – November 3, 2023

Nov 3, 2023

No matter what church I’ve attended there’s always suddenly a sermon or two about giving. More like, the trendy way to say tithing. For anyone, like me, whose faith was developed in in Christian community, those words are not without meaning. Specifically I was taught that it meant ten percent of my time or money. In some faith communities, there have definitely been leaders who have taken that very specific number to heart, and it harmed their faith communities.
For some people ten percent might actually be too much. To say, “Give of yourself ten percent,” does not account for the other ways a person might be giving of themselves elsewhere. Some of us do not have an extra ten percent to give because we are already being very generous somewhere else. Sometimes a lack of resources means they do not have the privilege of the time that is afforded to others. It is something I must account for as I work to make programming. What can the people of First Parish community actually give? What can I provide?
Starting November 14th parents of children and youth are invited to join me for a small group on Zoom for as we explore Parents and Caregivers As Sexuality Educators. To register you can use this link.
On November 12th, Faith Exploration will also be hosting youth from First Parish in Lexington and First Parish in Watertown for a showing of the Barbie movie. To register, please use this link.
These and other opportunities have much to offer the people of First Parish as a way of giving of time, but also as space to gain something as well. 

Grace & Peace,
Samantha Eyster, She / They 

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Samantha Eyster
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