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Committee Spotlight: Buildings & Grounds – November 3, 2023

Hello First Parish Friends, We’re excited to share a few of our accomplishments over the past months, as well as some  goals and projects for the year to come. Because newsletter space is limited, we include only the highlights of our activities. Please let us know if...

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Musically Speaking – November 3, 2023

This month, our theme is Generosity. The First Parish Choir will be singing two anthems that are about sharing our world with others. We sing about reaching people different from us, ideally, with the generosity of compassion and understanding. Here are the two songs:...

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The View From Here – November 3, 2023

Greetings Church Family, I pray that each of you are well these days.   This month, as we reflect on the theme of Generosity, I hope you’ll spend some time thinking and wondering about your spiritual journey of giving and receiving–the generous spirit. Would you say...

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“In Meeting We Are Blessed” – October 29, 2023

READING: When Great Trees Fall,  by Maya Angelou When great trees fall,  rocks on distant hills shudder,  lions hunker down  in tall grasses,  and even elephants  lumber after safety. When great trees fall  in forests,  small things recoil into silence,  their senses ...

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Resources to learn more about the war in Gaza

The Social Action Committee, with help from some other members of the congregation, has come up with a partial list of organizations that are working to educate people about the war in Gaza, the history of the conflict and links to organizations that are providing...

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SCC Film Showing of “No Ordinary Man”

Nov 17| 6:30 pm | Social Hall The FPW Safe Congregation Committee will be presenting the film “No Ordinary Man” (see IMDB). The evening will be moderated by Louise Harrison Lepera, Jean Gauthier, and special guest, Nat Moss. After the showing, there will be a brief...

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October Designated Offering

The NDN Collective has been selected to receive our Designated Offering for the month of October. The NDN Collective is Indigenous-led and dedicated to building Indigenous power through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative...

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Foundations of Contemplative Practice at FPW

Join us beginning October 23rd for Foundations of Contemplative Practice, a 10-session exploration of contemplative practices from several traditions. Each week, we will experience sitting meditation, qigong moving meditation, Naikan self-reflection, and mindfulness...

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