We have been waiting a lot since mid-March 2020… waiting for a vaccine, waiting to see our loved ones, waiting for a hug, waiting for our communities to be open, waiting for a kinder world…

At FPW, there is also waiting for the Ministerial Search Process.

We hear you. Many ask, “When do I get to vote?” Maybe you are excited and possibly a bit anxious? We have had a great interim minister experience. What will be next?

Good news! You have voted all along the way! First, you elected the Search Committee to represent the congregation through the search process. Then, you completed different forms of feedback to tell the Search Committee what you wanted. And now, when do you vote on a person? Simple answer? Sometime in early May.

To be more specific, after all the Search Committees and the candidates-in-search tell the UUA Transitions Office our selections, there is a Match Day (much like Residency Match Day for all the med student families out there!). In April – after an offer is accepted and the ministerial agreement is finalized – we will be able to announce our candidate with great fanfare!

After that, FPW’s Search Committee will host a Candidating Week which ends in a congregational vote, where the voting members of the congregation will decide whether to call the minister. As Parish Committee announced last week, Candidating Week is tentatively scheduled for April 25 through May 2, with a congregational vote following the service on May 2. We will share details about the Candidating Week as they unfold – in posts here, on the church calendar, in the newsletter, and in Sunday morning announcements.

For now, we are in Pre-Candidating phase with 3 potential FPW ministers all of whom are interested in living in the parsonage!

Shout-out this week to the Parish Committee for managing through the ministerial search – keeping everyone engaged and present, assuring processes are documented and followed, finding Rev. Wendy to guide us… with a special huzzah to Sue Twombly for her leadership savvy.

If you have any questions, please reach out at searchcommittee@fpwatertown.org

Search Committee
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The ministerial search committee is charged with finding the next settled minister of our congregation, to begin ministry in August 2021.  The committee members are Judy Kamm, Kyle Morton, Kate Hanson Plass, Ben Jerome, Silke Plesch, Beth Tappan-deFrees, and Will Twombly.