Beloved community, Happy New Year from your Ministerial Search Committee!!!

Thanks for your interest and patience!!! Here is a bit about where we have been and where we are going:

  • Evaluated and summarized your survey feedback
  • Facilitated 11 cottage meetings and focus groups. (80 attendees)
  • Hosted 43 attendees at Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop.
  • Revised the 2-year-old Congregational Record (CR) with 29 discussion points
  • Wrangled answers and data for 52 questions about ourselves, submitted with the CR
  • Created a FPW Documents Packet with 35 additional documents and links

The deadline to get all of this submitted to the UUA was 12/1 and we were ON TIME! (actually early!) We wrote and edited many hours a week… and a special shout-out to Judy and Kate who wrangled all the tails of work that were not complete, managed review with our transitions coach, and worked magic on the UUA portal to get our CR uploaded!

What is the application process?

a) We shared our CR on the UUA Search portal.
b) Applicants read those 50 pages and select congregations to apply to.
c) The UUA releases the names to us with the Ministerial Records (MR), usually about 20 pages.
d) We send each applicant our FPW documents packet.
e) We select first round interviews.

We are on letter e… selecting applicants to interview. So far, we have received a laudable response to our CR and posting. Names may continue to come in over the next 2 weeks. We are reviewing the Ministerial Records of each applicant to determine the first round of interviews during the second half of January.

Over the next few months, we will be studying ministers’ materials, conducting interviews, and engaging in a process of discernment to identify a strong match for our congregation. We are bound by confidentiality in this process – and look forward to presenting a candidate to the congregation in the spring.

We will be sharing links to the completed Congregational Record and survey results summary with members by email. If you do not receive the link, or have any questions, please reach out at

Search Committee
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The ministerial search committee is charged with finding the next settled minister of our congregation, to begin ministry in August 2021.  The committee members are Judy Kamm, Kyle Morton, Kate Hanson Plass, Ben Jerome, Silke Plesch, Beth Tappan-deFrees, and Will Twombly.