Dear Beloved Community~

While your Search Committee is not a group of church officials sequestered day and night waiting to send a signal of a decision, we are a group of church leaders working very hard to be sure we have crossed all our t’s and dotted all our i’s on good process to determine the candidate to present to you for a vote in the spring.  You can follow along the process with the on-line Settlement Handbook. We are currently somewhere around page 55, in the pre-candidating phase!

Though all information about the candidates is extremely confidential, we can keep moving you along the process with us.

We have selected the 3 applicants we are inviting to pre-candidate with us.

What are the stages?

  1. From the pool of 24 applicants, we selected a smaller group for first interviews.
  2. After those interviews, we selected 3 for Pre-Candidating Weekends with the Search Committee.  Activities during those weekends include more in-depth interviews, general “getting to know you” interactions, and observing the minister conducting a service at another church.  For this year (as it was for 2020) these are entirely on-line. We have the 8 weeks of February and March to complete these weekend visits.
  3. From these 3 pre-candidates, we will mull and discuss and select 1 to present to you all for Candidating Week and congregational vote in late April – early May.  (Enter, White Smoke!)

Applause and thanks this week to our video makers. It turns out a picture really is worth a thousand words!  The videos the band has made through the years, as well as the church video tour, have introduced the pre-candidates to our world very well!  Thank you!

Search Committee
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The ministerial search committee is charged with finding the next settled minister of our congregation, to begin ministry in August 2021.  The committee members are Judy Kamm, Kyle Morton, Kate Hanson Plass, Ben Jerome, Silke Plesch, Beth Tappan-deFrees, and Will Twombly.