This coming month at First Parish we will be reflecting together on the theme of “commitment.”

Over the course of the next several Sundays, we will be considering the various commitments we make…to ourselves, to our families (however we define them), to our communities (including our religious community), and even to our God/Goddess/a Higher Power or our most deeply held values.

In particular, this is a good month to reflect on the commitments we make to First Parish. During the month of March, the Giving Committee will be inviting to us to consider our financial commitments to the church. Meanwhile, the search committee is hard at work interviewing “finalists,” and by early April will plan to extend an invitation to one of them to become your “candidate.”

Assuming all goes well, you’ll be asked in early May to make a shared commitment to a new minister. Part of your commitment will be to compensate that person fairly. Part of that commitment, if they choose to live in the parsonage, will be to be good landlords. And part of that commitment will be to sharing in the work that you’ll do together in the name of the church over the next several years…the work of caring for one another, growing spiritually, and serving the needs of those outside of the church.

As we reflect on these and other commitments, we might ask ourselves questions such as…which commitments are the easiest to keep and which are the most challenging?  Where have we kept our commitments and where have we failed to keep them? When might it be helpful to ask for the support of others to help us keep our commitments or to recommit to those things that are most important? To what extent do we allow ourselves to get overcommitted…and why? To what extent do we shape our commitments, and to what extent do they, over time, shape and define us?  

I am looking forward to this month of reflecting with you on the commitments we make to ourselves and to one another.

In peace,
Rev. Wendy

Reverend Wendy Bell
Interim Minister | + posts

Wendy Bell was appointed Interim Minister of First Parish of Watertown in August of 2019, and will serve a two year term while we are in search for a new settled minister.