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We Can Help to Relieve Hunger in Watertown!

Mar 17, 2022

A few Sundays ago, Jeri Bayer, Nancy Dutton, and Sophia Suarez-Friedman introduced us to the Watertown Community Fridge. Established as a non-profit by a small group of generous volunteers, the Community Fridge offers a wide range of nutritious food at no charge to those in need. Located in the parking lot of the Francis Market, at the west end of Belmont St., the Fridge is open 24/7, both for donations of food and for folks who are hungry to take what they need.
The facility provides fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and a variety of dry and canned goods. It has quickly become an important resource in our city’s efforts to support those experiencing food insecurity.
The Community Fridge depends heavily on volunteers to keep it stocked. We at First Parish, have an important opportunity to support this program by contributing food on a regular basis. Donations of food are needed every single day to keep the Fridge stocked.
So how can we help? We are asking you to do one of the following:

  1. If you attend church in person, bring one or two items from the list below to Sunday services. We will be sure to deliver the food you bring to the Fridge right after church.
  2. If you can, pledge to bring one or two items from the list below directly to the Fridge on a given day each week. The need is especially great on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please sign up with Will Twombly ( just so we’ll know that you’re helping out. Food can be brought to the Fridge at any time of day or night. Parents, please note, this is a wonderful family activity, and can involve kids of all ages!

We ask you to make an ongoing commitment to do one of the two things above on a weekly basis for as long as you can. (We totally understand if you need to take a break on any given week!) If each of us helps out a little, collectively our contributions to the Fridge will make a big difference. Let’s work together to show, once again, that First Parish cares about everyone in our community. Please reach out to Will if you have any questions.
This initiative is sponsored by the Helen Robinson Wright Committee (Bobbie Brown, Chair) and the Social Action Committee (Norah Mulvaney Day, Chair). Thank you so much for your generosity!

Most needed food items include:

Fridge Items
Milk (regular and nondairy options)
Cheese (sliced and block)
Rotisserie chickens

Freezer Items
Frozen vegetables
Frozen fruits
Frozen potatoes
Meats, chicken, fish
Frozen breakfast foods

Personal Items
Diapers all sizes
Menstrual products
Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Pantry Items
Cereals (including oatmeal and granola)
Pasta sauce
Macaroni and cheese
Canned beans
Canned Fruits
Canned vegetables

These are just suggestions. Sometimes there are foods on sale that you might buy more of. Or you may find something not on the list.  When shopping we try to get good healthy food. The freezer and refrigerator items are taken faster than the nonperishable pantry items.  Thank you for shopping!!

Helen Robinson Wright Fund Committee

The Helen Robinson Wright (HRW) Fund provides modest financial assistance to individuals and families facing short-term financial hardships. We assist with food purchases, housing expenses, utility costs, medical expenses, child care, and other essential needs.

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