Four people with taper candles light chalice framed by two rings

October Designated Offering

Oct 20, 2023

The NDN Collective has been selected to receive our Designated Offering for the month of October.

The NDN Collective is Indigenous-led and dedicated to building Indigenous power through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative change. Two major areas of effort for the NDN Collective are Climate Justice initiatives impacting Indigenous Communities, and the demand for freedom for Activist Elder Leonard Peltier, who has been wrongly imprisoned for over 48 years.

You can learn more about NDN Collective initiatives through the following video links: 
NDN Collective Manifesto: Building Indigenous Power
NDN Interview Reel: March to #EndFossilFuels (NDN Collective presence at the Climate March which I was at) 
#FreeLeonardPeltier 79th Birthday Action
Movement Call: Building Power & Justice 

You may contribute to the NDN Collective through the collection plate on Sunday 10/29,  or via the Breeze online Special Giving option this month. 

On Sunday 10/29, immediately following church, FPW’s own Thalia Yarina Carroll-Cachimuel, Director of Movement & Strategic Partnerships for the NDN Collective, will join us via Zoom to answer questions and to give guidance on how we can best partner with the NDN Collective to achieve our mutual goals.

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