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HRW Fund 2021 Walk/Run/Bike Fun(d)raiser

Sep 10, 2021

line drawing of church with pair of embracing hands, text Helen Robinson Wright Charitable Fund of the First Parish of Watertown. Helping Watertown residents since 1995Our Second Fall Walk/Run/Bike Fun(d)raiser begins actually, anytime, but officially:  September 17th.  
How do you get involved in the Walk/Run/Biking?  Get the registration form, or register online.  There is a registration fee for individuals or families.  Set yourself a goal, get some sponsors and lace up your sneakers!  We hope that this can be a family event.  We have some great prizes, too!
The best part of this fundraiser is that when the needs of the needy have never been greater, the Helen Robinson Wright Charitable Fund is there with the means to really help.  So much is uncertain for so many, yet with your participation, we will provide comfort and stability to those around us.  Thank you! 

Helen Robinson Wright Fund Committee
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The Helen Robinson Wright (HRW) Fund provides modest financial assistance to individuals and families facing short-term financial hardships. We assist with food purchases, housing expenses, utility costs, medical expenses, child care, and other essential needs.