A Message from the Minister

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I love church, even with all its shortcomings and imperfections. Honestly, I believe it holds the stuff of wondrous liberation at a time of collective unrest–for these are difficult days. In its truest sense, church longs to be a sanctuary for all; a resting place where the inner and outer worlds might co-mingle in the fullness of time; a place to draw close to a people so that we might know the sanctity of fellowship, belonging and care; a place to seek and ask and wonder. This is the potential of church.

And I am glad and grateful to be the minister here at the First Parish of Watertown. For these are a kind and deeply loving people, doing so much good in the community and world. If you’re thinking about visiting us, I hope you too will feel the love and welcome that thrums at the center of this our spirit’s home. It’s a truly special place.

Our Unitarian Universalist faith celebrates the role of clergy in communities and congregations, and it also celebrates and centers the shared ministry of the people–for we are all called to bring our unique gifts and ministries to the world. To bless this world and play a part in making it a more loving and just place, that is the hope of our faith. We do this together. We share in it.

I bring to the ministry my years of work in theater, education and public relations, all of which taught me about how the arts can undergird justice work, how to meet people where they are, and how to work toward a shared, transformative vision. I bring my recovery story from alcohol and drug addiction, which teaches me about struggle and lost-ness, resilience, hope and faith. I bring with me a great love of the Goddess and Feminism, which teaches me about the beauty of Earth, the cycles of Nature, my body and identity, and the power of liberation theologies that call us home to the Divine, one another, and ourselves. And I bring my experience as a mother, which continues to teach me how to slow down and pay attention, how to play and be ridiculous, and, mostly, how to forgive myself for falling short.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me if you’d like to connect. I’m generally in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Friday is my sermon writing day and Monday is my day of rest, which I call Sabbath.

I hope to have the chance to know and welcome you. I hope to learn about the gifts you bring to this our shared ministry. And I send you great, great blessing on your journey.

In faith and with love,
Rev. Sophia Lyons

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