Music at First Parish of Watertown

Music at First Parish engages our community and adds a spark to every listener and participant!

As part of weekly church services, we share in singing hymns.

Services are enhanced by either piano or guest musicians who express a wide variety of styles that include Classical, folk, jazz, ethnic and world music, as well as popular music and music composed by contemporary artists.  Those artists are often part of our congregation or friends from the musical community in the Boston area.

First Parish has an adult choir that rehearses weekly and sings at a church service once per month.

We have a full rock and roll band that plays at some services, too!

There are times that our music director hosts a family choir event, usually on multi-generational services, in which people learn the music prior to the service and then share the songs at that service.  We have a wide variety of talent in our congregation and have had some wonderful youth and children singing at church services.

Charlyn Bethell, Music Director
Guy Urban, Pianist

Creating Virtual Music

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for everyone, including the music program here at First Parish. Since March of 2020, First Parish has been web-streaming its services and programs and not meeting in person. This will continue through May 2021.

The members of the FPW Choir have stepped up to this challenge by creating virtual choir performances that are included in the services, both for hymns that the congregation can sing with at home, and in stand-alone anthems that employ video collages. Our instrumental musicians from the congregation have also accompanied some of the hymns, as well as created instrumental ensembles for musical meditations and interludes. Members of the FPW Band have also joined forces with the Choir, adding percussion and guitar to some of our performances.

Musically Speaking Blog

Updates and reflections from Charlyn Bethell, Music Director

Musically Speaking – April 9, 2021

Happy Spring, everyone!  I am thinking about entertainers who sing to us.  They could be live or virtual.  They are energetic, they move their hands and their legs, they dance, they smile, and they look right at us.  Their enthusiasm is infectious.  You can tell that...

Musically Speaking – March 12, 2021

Our theme for March is commitment.  I have been thinking about how commitment usually starts as a personal decision, born of our inner drives, but that as we share our lives with others, commitment spills over to the people around us.  I think this is especially true...

Musically Speaking – February 12, 2021

As I have said several times recently, I have been working this year to make Black Lives Matter an overarching theme for music at First Parish.  In thinking about how to do this, I have been reflecting on how UU thinking helps give guidance.  For example, one of our...

Musically Speaking – January 8, 2021

To sit and dream To sit and dream about the world. Outside our world of here and now Outside our world, our problem world. To dream of vast horizons of the soul. Of dreams made whole, unfettered, free. Help me, help me.  All you who are dreamers too. Help me make our...

Musically Speaking – December 2020

Happy Holidays!  Yes, we must stay safe and well, and part of that is staying connected to each other.  Our community has never been more important than during this pandemic.  Now, with the holidays here, we are there for each other to provide light in this season of...

Music Calendar

Choir rehearsal

Thursday October 13, 2022
7:00PM - 8:30PM

November’s theme: Change—Music will be: An Die Musik (Schubert), No Time, Benediction We sing for Music Sunday November 6th.

Choir rehearsal

Thursday October 20, 2022
7:00PM - 8:30PM

November’s theme: Change—Music will be: An Die Musik (Schubert), No Time, Benediction We sing for Music Sunday November 6th.