Woman in black robe and white stole with chaliceGreetings Church Family!

I pray that you and yours are well these days.

The church year is off to a wonderful start. Many newcomers are in our midst, our sanctuary feels full and vibrant on Sunday mornings, more of you are making time to gather in meaningful ways, and I am noticing a nice cohort of kids and families attending church again (and a few teens running tech too!) We are finding our way home to one another, slowly but surely, and this feels good, particularly in days such as these.

And change is in the air (a fitting theme for the month, no?) In the coming weeks you are going to be introduced to our incoming Interim Religious Education Consultant (we are still moving through the hiring process and working out the details). This is someone who has worked in this field for decades and is called to transitional ministry–meaning, this is all she does (not unlike your Interim Minister, Rev. Wendy Bell). We have some wonderful, reflective gatherings to look forward to. These will guide us in our search for a new and permanent Director of Religious Education. I can’t stress this enough: we need your voices, hearts, and minds in this process. This is a whole-church endeavor–not just for parents/caregivers of children.

I look forward to being an active participant in this with you. And, with all of this on the horizon, I will need to be careful around what I say ‘yes’ to. I am committed to not over-scheduling myself or tearing at the sanctity that is me being available to you when you need your minister. This is my commitment to you. Let us all resist the urge to ‘do it all.’ We have time, Dear Ones. We have time.

As always, reach out if you are feeling adrift. Make your ‘no’ as sacred as your ‘yes,’ and take good care of yourselves and one another.

Last, I have been buoyed by good music lately. These are difficult times, and we need sources that remind us about hope and joy, don’t we? Give yourself the gift of watching the First Unitarian Brooklyn Choir sing “Up Above My Head.” I promise you won’t be disappointed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=577MWv-PmsE

With love and in faith,
Rev. Sophia

Reverend Sophia Lyons
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Rev. Sophia is committed to radical welcome and spreading the good news that is our bold Unitarian Universalist faith. Some of her areas of interest include interfaith partnerships, addictions ministry, spiritual direction, and working towards collective liberation for all. Rev. Sophia aspires to live her life and fulfill her ministry guided by spiritual seeking, big love, and the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism.