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The View from Here – March 2024

Mar 1, 2024

Happy March Church Family!

As always, I pray that you and yours are well these days.

In these days I am reflecting on the ways we are living out our UU purposes so well as a congregation. You will have noticed that most of our worship themes this year have focused on our newly articulated Unitarian Universalist theology and, what I would describe as, our ‘faith in action’: Generosity, Justice, Equity, Transformation, Interdependence, Pluralism and, of course, Love–which is the jet fuel that makes it all go. There are many quiet and unseen ways that we are embodying them, right alongside the more obvious ways–and no one gets to see it all.

People are offering rides to doctors appointments and helping friends with meals. Others are refining our church budget or pledging, leading meetings and ministries, or participating in worship. Some are caring for our children and youth, engaging in community justice efforts, holding a space for meditation, or sharing their stories with others in a Chalice Circle. I could go on. And my list would be incomplete because I don’t get to see it all either.

I wonder if you ever think about the ways you give and receive here at First Parish as expressions of your faith in action? An offering of Love and Hope, a real way you are making a difference in others’ lives, and in our world. In this sense, you really are agents of transformation, which is our theme this month.

There are a variety of ways to engage with this theme, and the overall life of this church: welcoming our wonderful guest ministers this month, considering where you might be called to serve at our nominating fair on Sunday or whether you are finally ready to sign our membership book on March 24th; how you engage with this season of giving, or what you feed your soul through worship, vespers, meditation, fellowship, singing, or service…Or simply, how you take time to rest and ask for help–for this is also a gift to us and our tired world.

Dearest spiritual companions, I hope you know yourselves to be loved here. And isn’t it good that we have all these opportunities to care for one another, and help to bless our world with this outpouring of care?

As always, stay connected, don’t flit away, ask for what you need, and keep loving one another.

Yours in faith and love,
Rev. Sophia

Reverend Sophia Lyons
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Rev. Sophia is committed to radical welcome and spreading the good news that is our bold Unitarian Universalist faith. Some of her areas of interest include interfaith partnerships, addictions ministry, spiritual direction, and working towards collective liberation for all. Rev. Sophia aspires to live her life and fulfill her ministry guided by spiritual seeking, big love, and the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism.

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