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Conflicting Feelings – August 2, 2020

Good Morning! I gave myself a hair cut for the occasion. I’ll take it on faith that at least one person laughed at that. Has anyone else watched the late shows and laughed at a joke and wondered why no one else was laughing? It’s a totally different experience when there is no live audience agreeing with me. I wanted to talk today about conflicting feelings and emotions and choosing to change our attitudes and perceptions. When this quarantine and new way of life began I found myself planning...

“A Humanist Talks God-Talk” by Jolie Olivetti – February 28, 2016

"A Humanist Talks God-Talk" by Jolie Olivetti -  February 28, 2016 Opening Words from Saadi The world is not a courtroom, there is no judge, no jury, no plaintiff. This is a caravan, filled with eccentric beings telling wondrous stories about God. Reading by Bill Schulz from Making the Manifesto In all my conversations with the signers of the Manifesto, none of them, except the Rev. Lester Mondale, ever talked about religion in terms of experience; they talked exclusively in terms of beliefs....

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