large outdoor chalice with stone base and dark metal shallow bowl surrounded by garden plantings


“Roots Hold Me Close” – November 7th, 2021

today I will rebuild, writes our poet… a living root bridge that lasts five hundred years I encourage you to look up root bridges at some point today and take in the magnificence of these structures. They offer a powerful image– living bridges, stretched roots, laid with stones so that we humans might cross chasms and riverways. This week, knowing that I would be Holding History with you, the image of the root bridge came knocking through Jonina Kerton’s beautiful poem “Reconciliation”. A poem...

“Remembering Our Other Ancestors” by Rev. Wendy L. Bell – November 10, 2019

During this month of November, we’re reflecting on the theme of Memory. This morning I’d like to spend some time thinking with you about memory and how it shapes us. About how the stories that we tell about ourselves and our experiences shape our sense of identity and self-understanding. Last week, we touched on the personal, on remembering the sources of our strength. And as part of that sermon, I suggested that if we can look back and remember from our past a time when we were challenged,...

The Living Tradition of Hot Cross Buns

During my growing-up years in Medway, my grandmother, Nanny, produced hot cross buns every Sunday during Lent and, ultimately, for Easter. When she took to bed toward the end of her life, I carried on the tradition of baking buns for Easter.

“Ample Abundance for All” by Mark W. Harris – March 30, 2014

“Ample Abundance for All” by Mark W. Harris  March 30, 2014    -   First Parish of Watertown Call to Worship -  from Huston Smith Practice giving things away, not just things you don't care about, but things you do like. Remember, it is not the size of a gift, it is its quality and the amount of mental attachment you overcome that count. So don't bankrupt yourself on a momentary positive impulse, only to regret it later. Give thought to giving.   Sermon - “Ample Abundance for All” Last...

“WWJD and You” by Mark W. Harris – April 8, 2012

“WWJD and You”  by Mark W. Harris First Parish of Watertown -  Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012  Call to Worship  Returning by Wendell Berry     

I was walking in a dark valley 
and above me the tops of the hills 
had caught the morning light. 
I heard the light singing as it went
 among the grassblades and the leaves. 
I waded upward through the shadow
 until my head emerged,
 my shoulders were mantled with the light, 
and my whole body came up
 out of the darkness, and stood 
on the...

“Civil Wars” by Mark W. Harris – February 12, 2012

“Civil Wars” by Mark W. Harris First Parish of Watertown - February 12, 2012 Call to Worship - “Why I Wake Early” by Mary Oliver Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who made the morning and spread it over the fields and into the faces of the tulips and the nodding morning glories, and into the windows of, even the miserable and crochety – best preacher that ever was dear star, that just happens to be where you are in the universe to keep us from ever-darkness to ease us with warm touching, to...

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