large outdoor chalice with stone base and dark metal shallow bowl surrounded by garden plantings


“Let Broken-Heartedness Abound” – December 12th, 2021

Can we just take a minute to extend praise and thanks to Jean Gauthier? For her beautiful version of Joni Mitchell’s Blue? And thank you to Joni Mitchell–one of the greatest musicians of our time. A true prophet–carrying messages from beyond. Right? I was introduced to her album Blue in high school. And I wore that cassette tape out. Remember cassette tapes? Forwarding and rewinding–wasn’t it the best when you stopped precisely between songs? A small victory, right? I digress. There wasn’t...

“We Remember Them” by Rev. Wendy L. Bell – October 27, 2019

Last year, at just about this point in late October, my mom found herself first, in the hospital, and then in rehab, recovering from pneumonia. She was there for quite some time and, as any of you who have spent much time in medical facilities know, it can be hard to sleep in such places. One night on the phone she recounted for me a dream that she had been having; that is, she’d had it more than once. She described herself has having been half asleep, or rather that she couldn’t tell if she...

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