large outdoor chalice with stone base and dark metal shallow bowl surrounded by garden plantings

Earth-Centered Traditions

“When the Veil is Thin” – October 31st, 2021

The ancient Celts called this day Samhain (SOW-EN). It’s a turning point on the pagan wheel­–which is comprised of eight days over the course of a year–each embodying a threshold in season. They all mirror Earth’s subtle shifts. While understood and celebrated in different ways, our ancestors around the world agreed on their significance, for we were all once deeply connected to these changes in Nature. And we did not see ourselves as separate from these shifts and times of passage. We, being...

“Brigid of Kildare: Goddess or Saint?” by Rev. Wendy L. Bell – February 2, 2020

This is a holy weekend. Today, many of our Christian friends are celebrating Candlemas, which commemorates the day the baby Jesus was presented by his parents to the priests in the Temple. It is also the day when the candles for the church year are traditionally blessed. Today is also Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday, and I imagine that some of us celebrate one or both of those. And yesterday, February 1st, our friends and neighbors from pagan and earth-centered traditions – including,...

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