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Easter Homily, April 12, 2020

There’s honey in the rock for all God’s children. Feed every child of God. What a perfect song for us to sing after the story that we heard about Jesus and the disciples feeding the 5000, sometimes known as the story of the loaves and fishes. It did not seem to the disciples like it would be possible, any more possible than finding honey in a rock, but somehow there was enough to feed them all. The first song we sang together, Lean on Me, may seem like an odd choice for Easter Sunday. But...

“Brigid of Kildare: Goddess or Saint?” by Rev. Wendy L. Bell – February 2, 2020

This is a holy weekend. Today, many of our Christian friends are celebrating Candlemas, which commemorates the day the baby Jesus was presented by his parents to the priests in the Temple. It is also the day when the candles for the church year are traditionally blessed. Today is also Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday, and I imagine that some of us celebrate one or both of those. And yesterday, February 1st, our friends and neighbors from pagan and earth-centered traditions – including,...

“Easter Magic” by Andrea Greenwood – April 1, 2018

“Easter Magic” by Andrea Greenwood -Years and years ago, out pickling berries with my two year old, O asked him how he found so many and he answered very simply: “I open my eyes.” What do you see on Easter morning when the eyes of your eyes are opened? What treasures are hiding nearby, awaiting your discovery?

“Shepherds and Psalms” by Andrea Greenwood – March 4, 2018

“Shepherds and Psalms” by Andrea Greenwood -Somewhere I read that it was shepherds who started the whole notion of counting; that as their flocks grew too large to keep track of by name, they started to develop systems of numbering – which later transferred into methods for counting stitches in knitting. This put a whole new spin on the old advice to count sheep as a way to fall asleep, and got me thinking about shepherds . . .

“What’s Good About Good Friday?” Mark W. Harris – March 27, 2016

“What’s Good About Good Friday?” Mark W. Harris  Easter 2016 – March 27, 2016 – First Parish of Watertown   Call to Worship – “spring song” by Lucille Clifton the green of Jesus is breaking the ground and the sweet smell of delicious Jesus is opening the house and the dance of Jesus music has hold of the air and the world is turning in the body of Jesus and the future is possible   Reading – “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs About the lilting...

“Lest the Stones Cry Out” by Tracy Johnson – April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014 “Lest the Stones Cry Out” by Tracy Johnson   Call to Worship :  from A Space Between by Stephen Schick Now is never captured in words or shot still in pictures.   Now is never visited in museums or in memories.   Now is never dreamed of or longed for.   Now is a timeless awareness, a space between what has been and what will be, a lens in the beam of our being   where light can become peace.   Sermon: There is a holy light in my back yard.  Perhaps...

“WWJD and You” by Mark W. Harris – April 8, 2012

“WWJD and You”  by Mark W. Harris First Parish of Watertown -  Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012  Call to Worship  Returning by Wendell Berry     

I was walking in a dark valley 
and above me the tops of the hills 
had caught the morning light. 
I heard the light singing as it went
 among the grassblades and the leaves. 
I waded upward through the shadow
 until my head emerged,
 my shoulders were mantled with the light, 
and my whole body came up
 out of the darkness, and stood 
on the...

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