large outdoor chalice with stone base and dark metal shallow bowl surrounded by garden plantings


Religious Education (RE) Hiring Team Update

As many of you know, our community continues to be actively in search of a new person to work with our children and our youth. Michelle Grove was hired as a consultant to help us take a thorough look at our history of religious education and to assist us in identifying our hopes and dreams for our future faith exploration programs. One of our goals is to expand our program to include children, youth, and adults. This is an exciting time for all of us as we seek a partner who will help us to...

Winter Festival – Rain Date

The Religious Education Winter Festival will be held Sunday, December 12 (delayed due to rain). Join us outside for crafts, hot cocoa, and scenes from our pageant!

“How Are the Children?”  –  Mark W. Harris – May 19, 2019

“How Are the Children?”  -  Mark W. Harris  May 19, 2019 – First Parish of Watertown   Opening Words – “Beyond Borders by Rick Hoyt Go forth Because we are always going forth from somewhere  Going from our homes, our childhoods Going from our cities and countries Going from innocence to experience to enlightenment Going into mystery and questions Going into the desert. Getting to the other side.   Go forth, Leave behind the comfort and community of one place Head into the anxiety and...

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