Summer Services 2011 – 9:30 a.m.

We have a summer full of wonderful lay led services lined up this July and August.   And for a special addition, we  have the childcare services of Heidi Bedrossian.  THANK YOU HEIDI!  Please contact the “assisting” Worship Committee member before hand if you can, and give us a heads-up for needing  childcare.

Services will begin JULY 10th  and run through AUGUST 28th.  Please take special note that these services start at 9:30 am and last 45 minutes-one hour.

We have some very interesting topics from church members who have volunteered their time, ideas, and energy….A BIG THANKS!

JULY 10, led by Silke Plesch – “Our Compassion For Animals” : Why we love animals in the wild and as our pets.  Come and explore your connections with non humans.  assisting, Djalai Babazadeh,

JULY 17, led by John Chamberlain – “Mind Weaving” : using physical movements as metaphors and external routes to spiritual practice.  assisting, Silke Plesch,

JULY 24, led by Kristina Johnson Parish – “When Things Fall Apart” : Reflections on how we confront changes and find new beginnings.  assisting, Chris Sthultz,

JULY 31, led by Isabel and Elizabeth Tappan-deFrees – “Surreal” and “Among the Broken Buddha” : Reflections on our sojourn to India and beyond.  assisting, Chuck Dickinson,

AUGUST 7, led by Angela Garcia – “Jig Saw Puzzles” : What I learned about life doing jig saw puzzles.  assisting, TBA

AUGUST 14, led by Amy Urban – “Medicinal Herbs” : History, philosophy and more.  assisting, Djalai Babazadeh,

AUGUST 21, led by Chris Sthultz – “How Do You See a Tree?” : Viewing the world through a lens of interconnections.  assisting, Johanna Swift-Hart,

AUGUST 28, led by Amber Anderson Mba and Chris Sthultz – “Rhythm and Healing” : promoting physical and spiritual well being through drumming.  assisting, Chris Sthultz,