“Strength for the Journey” by  Mark W. Harris –  January 6, 2019

“Strength for the Journey” by Mark Harris – On Epiphany we celebrate the arrival of the three magi at the end of their journey to find the holy child. What journeys will you have in the new year? For me, I will have a journey into retirement, and a big move. Where will your journey take you?

“Silence of the Season” by Mark W. Harris – December 9, 2018

“Silence of the Season” by Mark W. Harris – Silence has always played a critical role in religious journeys. Does silence play a role in your life? Do other people silence you sometimes with their words or looks? When is silence a weapon, and when is it a source of strength?

 “Longing for God” by Mark W. Harris  December 2, 2018

“Longing for God” by Mark W. Harris – Many members of UU congregations are humanists who usually say that all religion is an expression of human longing for meaning , connection, and hope, to make life and memory meaningful or “sacred.” But what about God? Do we still have a longing or desire for the divine, and how does it play a role in our lives?

“All Our Losses”  by Mark W. Harris – October 28, 2018

“All Our Losses” by Mark W. Harris – “As Halloween (and the Day of the Dead, and All Saints Day) approaches we think of the time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is thinest. Grief for a loved one is one kind of loss, but we all wrestle each day with other losses in our lives.”

“Beautiful Souls” by Mark W. Harris  October 7, 2018 – 

“Beautiful Souls” by Mark W. Harris

 In the past few weeks we all witnessed the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford who showed such courage in coming forward to tell her story. Under what circumstances do we come forward? What impels us to defy authority and convention and speak up?

“What I Learned From Being a Jock”  by Mark W. Harris  September 23, 2018

“What I Learned From Being a Jock” by Mark W. Harris – I may be the only UU minister who played football in college. We often identify Unitarianism as a heady, intellectual faith, and not one that has adherents who believe in physical exertion. We think about sports as being about winning and losing, but do we learn something more?

“Thinking About God: Theistic Beliefs and Practices” A Lay Service – May 20, 2018

“Thinking About God: Theistic Beliefs and Practices” This is the second lay service the worship committee has planned about our members’ beliefs and practices. We’ve asked our three speakers to address questions such as: What is the source of your faith or beliefs in your religious or spiritual life? Does “God” or the “Divine” call to you and manifest itself in your life? What is your motivating religious / spiritual impulse and how is it made manifest in your life?