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Religious Education

Faith Explorers – Be an Explorer – October 2023

Do I need to be resurrected? As I wrap up my first month at First Parish of Watertown it is a question I cannot escape. And probably it is something we all think about, although maybe not quite in those terms. At one time or another you have probably had to start over or consider an ending. Just last month those of us with kids had to restart the school year, and sure some things were the same, but there were plenty of things that were different. I’m new to First Parish and as I’m sifting...

Welcome email from Samantha

Greetings First Parish! I am thrilled to be joining you all this year to explore our faith. In fact, it is for that reason that I’ve entitled my section of the newsletter Faith Explorers. I truly cannot envision a better description for what moving with my family all the way from Illinois to join you all means to me. We are on a journey together, to explore our faith, commitment, and beliefs in Unitarian Universalism. Not only have I heard and seen that you all have hearts open to it, but I’ve...

Faith Explorers – Be an Explorer – September 2023

What does it mean to explore our faith? In the Oxford Dictionary exploration is defined as “the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.” There is a tension and bravery to the work and commitment of openness. It is something the committee and I need from the congregation. You are invited to come explore with First Parish’s children (K-12) on Sunday mornings. Maybe it’s a new space for you, or maybe it is a space that has always held a tenderness in your...

Religious Education Search Team Update

An update from the RE Hiring Team: We have gone live with the announcement of our search for a Director of Lifespan Faith Exploration (DLFE) which is our new title for the former position of Director of Religious Education.  You may view the announcement on the church website at  If you know of anyone who might meet our qualifications, please direct them to our website! Thus far we are pleased to have 5 applicants. We...

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