As most of you are aware the FPW parsonage is currently vacant due to our interim minister, Rev. Wendy Bell, living locally and not needing to reside in the parsonage during her 2 year time here at FPW. This offers FPW the opportunity to assess and make needed repairs to the parsonage over this period of approximately 19 months (until May 31, 2021). Given that our previous minister and his family resided in the parsonage for over 26 years, the needed repairs and updating are multiple and the extent is not fully known at this time. Building & Grounds, Finance Committee and Parish committee have discussed this situation and carefully considered several different ideas for use of the Parsonage during this time period.  We have concluded it is best if a caretaker could be found to live in the parsonage to both help with the assessment and repair process and to keep the building occupied and maintained during this period.

Requirements for Caretaker:

We are seeking a caretaker who will commit to living in the parsonage over the duration of the process i.e. until May 31, 2021.  This enables us to keep the house and grounds safe and maintained and also to have someone available as repairs are assessed and begun over the 19 month period. 

This person will:

  • Have flexibility to live in different parts of the home as rooms may periodically be closed off and at times the kitchen and main bath may not be available (there is a half bath that to our knowledge does not need any repairs).
  • Availability to move into the parsonage starting October 1, 2019 so as to avoid the home being vacant.
  • Experience with contractors and home repairs process (dust, tools and work people in the home) as FPW will have a general contractor and sub-contractors entering the home throughout the process. The contractor along with B&G would dictate the repair schedule and the caretaker would be welcoming of the workers, at times on a moment’s notice. The caretaker would also be the eyes and ears of the process and will meet with B&G representatives regularly regarding the repairs.

The caretaker will maintain the grounds of the parsonage, mowing and weeding the lawn and gardens, shoveling snow and reporting any problems with the building to the B&G representative immediately.  The caretaker will also be willing to accommodate the use of the Parsonage occasionally by committees for meetings or for some First Parish events as scheduled by First Parish.

Please submit a letter of intent, a resume and 2 references by 5:00pm September 13thto FPW Parish Chair Sue Twombly at