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Parish Committee

From the Parish Committee – September 30th, 2022

Greetings from Parish Committee! What is there to say after Sundays Installation service! What a celebration of our congregation and Rev. Sophia’s shared ministry, it left us speechless. The planning committee did an amazing job, committee on ministry and Will Twombly designed, and Will build, our congregations’ gift to Rev. Sophia, a spectacular new pulpit. The choir and band filled the sanctuary with  joyful music and song, our hearts were full. The reception that followed had many...

From the Parish Committee – May 27th, 2022

Greetings from the Parish Committee, It’s been a busy past month! The 391st Annual Meeting of FPW was held with a large number of the congregation participating. There was a lively discussion on the revised Social Action by-law that concluded with a unanimous vote in favor of the proposed by-law change. A big thank you to the Social Action committee for all their work on this. The prior year’s financial report was presented by the Michael Collins, Finance Comm Chair, and the new budget was...

Parish Committee – March 25th, 2022

Greetings from Parish Committee!   After much deep consideration by the Opening Up Committee and the Parish Committee the decision was made to expand in-person capacity and lighten the protocols at the church starting on April 3rd. Please see the below information and community commitment the committees confirmed: In the spirit of community, upon entering communal space and gatherings at our church, we ask everyone to take a moment of care and concern for the larger community and please chose...

Parish Committee – February 25, 2022

Greetings from the Parish Committee! Our month started with the Opening Up committee meeting on February 1st. It was an exciting meeting as the group reviewed the positive trends in high vaccination rates and lower covid numbers. Beginning in-person and multiplatform services is a great joy! We hope to continue to expand in-person capacity as spring approaches. With all this good news Religious Education is ramping up! As Lauren our DRE talked about in last week’s Arbella article RE is holding...

Parish Committee – January 28th, 2022

Greetings from Parish Committee! Once again it’s been an active month. The results of the multi-platform worship survey are in. We had 28 responses.  Thank you to those who responded. The results have been compiled into 15 pages of charts, graphs and 9 pages of reflective comments, helpful suggestions and ideas! Once we have finished organizing the results, we will share them with committees and staff and will be putting a link in the next Arbella for the congregation. Overall, people feel the...

Parish Committee – December 24, 2021

Greetings from Parish Committee!   What a busy time it has been for all. The month began with Parish Committee coordinating a meeting to discuss the Multi-Platform services and our in-person protocols with a wider scope of people. The meeting included three Parish Comm members, the Opening Up group, 3 staff and committee representatives from Worship, RE, Personnel and Safe Congregations. The group had an in-depth discussion focused on clarifying the in-person attendance protocols. We also...

Parish Committee News – November 26th, 2021

Greetings and Gratitude! Our church continues to thrive in this church year. We now have a new way to look at the total numbers of people attending our Sunday services. When you log into zoom on a Sunday morning, you may see 47 screens logged in as you did last week, a number of these are 2 (or more) attendees. Then we add the number of members who are live at the service plus our Choir members. This past Sunday, we reached over 90 adults before adding the number of youths enjoying the Sunday...

Parish Committee News – October 29th, 2021

Greetings from Parish Committee, We are on our way in a new church year. In this time of change, there has been a flurry of important items and questions to attend to as we try to find a way to recover from the pandemic and begin to gather again in a safe way that includes all.  We hope we have answered some of your questions or created a path to explore the issues at hand and resolve them in way that is mutually satisfying to all. We deeply appreciate all the work the church members and...

In the Unitarian Universalist denomination, there is no hierarchy and each congregation calls its own minister, controls its own finances and property, and establishes its own criteria for membership.  The Parish Committee, elected by the members of the congregation, sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.

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