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Parish Committee

From the Parish Committee – February 26, 2021

This month, the Parish committee continued “tying up loose ends” by discussing several “who does what?” questions.  In the last two years, we have been discovering gaps in our understandings of who does what.  We have found many things for which we, as a congregation, need to take responsibility.  Wendy has led the Parish Committee with her gentle questions – how does this get done, how does this work?  We have been puzzling out the best use of the remaining money in the Capital Campaign Fund...

From the Parish Committee – January 22nd, 2021

This month the Parish Committee has continued its planning for our future.  During these times of such uncertainty, it often feels like we are walking in the dark toward a dim light ahead.  It is a time to find every bit of optimism and hope available. I am so encouraged by messages of love we are hearing more and more frequently from our newly inaugurated president and vice president and from folks speaking out for a better world.  If you would like to continue to hear messages of how love...

From the Parish Committee – 12/25/20

At the end of this very unusual year, the Parish Committee is thinking toward the future.  We have been carefully tracking our budget to make sure we are able to start our next fiscal year free of large budget deficits.  The success of the on-line auction this month in which we netted $2,803 will help a lot.  Thank you to Carole Katz who organized this and to all the contributors and bidders – Wow! We have added a brighter sign at the front of the church to welcome newcomers and let them know...

From the Parish Committee – 10/23/2020

At the end of September, the Parish Council met and ratified goals for the upcoming church year.  One of our goals is to continue to work to sustain our community.  In this time of separation we will need to continue to find ways to stay together and to watch out for one another.  The Parish Committee has discussed ways that we can find those in our congregation who may no longer feel connected.  Some may be experiencing any number of crises or may not have a way to access our on line services...

From the Parish Committee, September 2020

The cooler air of fall signals the return to familiar activities.  Our building, still closed, looks quite lonely.   However, our wonderful ingathering service and the hanging of the new rainbow flag reminded me that we are still very much a presence in our community and we are all still here for one another. This fall, our attention is focused on beginning our search for a new minister.  The Search Committee has been working to prepare necessary documents, and now they need input from all of...

Parish Commitee – 6/26/2020 – We Can Do This!

Just as we had settled into a routine of meeting together on-line, summer arrived and with it plans and pressures to re-open.  As more and more spaces and businesses open, we are discovering that this is not a return to the way things were.  We are living in a time right now of uncertainty and upheaval.  Old ways of thinking and behaving are being challenged.  It seems that we must constantly analyze risks as we make day to day decisions – is it safe to get my hair cut, can we invite friends...

From the Parish Committee – May 22, 2020

The Parish and Nominating Committees are really busy!  We are in the process of collecting nominations for our Ministerial Search Committee this week.  Our goal is to try and reach every member and friend to give them an opportunity to nominate someone for the Search Committee.  If you are able, please sign up for one of the remaining small group discussions.  You will be getting an e-mail reminder this week.  If you cannot participate, but wish to make a nomination of someone ( or yourself)...

First Parish Building Remains Closed

Now that businesses are beginning to re-open in Massachusetts, you may be wondering when the First Parish building will again be available for meetings, services, rental uses, and other gatherings. Here is an important update for you. The church building is currently closed for all use, including, but not limited to church committee meetings, community organization meetings, rentals, and all other gatherings. Staff will coordinate their occasional use of the building with Wendy and each other....

Seeking Search Committee Nominations

The next step in our search for our new settled minister is to solicit nominations from the congregation for members to make up our Ministerial Search Committee.  In the coming week, we will be holding a series of small group virtual meetings, facilitated by a member of the Parish Committee or Nominating Committee. There will be time to discuss the qualities needed for someone to serve on a Ministerial Search Committee and the commitment required of its members, as well as a chance to ask lingering questions about the search process.  At the end of the meeting, you will be asked to confidentially submit your nomination to the facilitator.

In the Unitarian Universalist denomination, there is no hierarchy and each congregation calls its own minister, controls its own finances and property, and establishes its own criteria for membership.  The Parish Committee, elected by the members of the congregation, sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.

February 2021