Parish Committee

From the Parish Committee – September 2019

The Parish Committee continued to be active throughout the summer.  In August, we welcomed Rev. Wendy Bell as our Interim Minister.  We are looking forward to working with her as we begin our journey into the future. In July, Parish Committee met to discuss what to do about our Parsonage, which is now empty as […]

From the Parish Committee – June 2019

It’s official!  We have signed an agreement with Rev. Wendy Bell to work with us as our Interim Minister starting in August.  Wendy will begin in Watertown the first week in August and will spend that time getting to know the staff and finding her way around the church office, etc.  Because Wendy lives in […]

From the Parish Committee – May 2019

We are in the process of cleaning up and preparing to say goodbye and getting ready for a new journey!  The Parish Committee has been very busy lately.  We are pleased and excited that we have made an offer to Rev. Wendy Bell to be our Interim Minister starting in August.  We are now in […]

From the Parish Committee – April 2019

Ministerial Transition The Parish Committee is getting ready to begin the hiring process for the Interim Minister.  We have completedthe UUA Interim Minister application and posted it to the UUA Jobs Board.  On Monday, April 29, we will receive the names of interested candidates for our Interim Ministry position.  The Parish Committee will meet the […]

The First Parish Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 28 right after church.   Please see the warrant on the door of the sanctuary for details of the business to be considered.  This year, the Parish Committee is proposing some changes to our by-laws as a way to bring into line our practices with our governing rules. We are making available a summary of changes and a copy of the current by-laws with proposed changes marked in red so that you can read them in advance. 

Parish Committee News – March 22nd Newsletter

As spring approaches, the pace behind the scenes at church feels like it is picking up speed.  We are busily getting ready for our Annual Meeting on April 28 and planning for the upcoming ministerial transition. On March 10, we hosted a well-attended discussion of the process we can look forward to during the next […]

From the Parish Committee – February 2019

In order to be an effective organization, we rely on the work of our committees and our staff. Many committees and staff are focused on planning programs and activities to carry out our mission. There are other committees which work with staff to make sure that all runs smoothly and that we care for our finances […]

Parish Committee Update

The Upcoming Ministerial Transition The Parish Committee has been spending time in each of its monthly meetings this church year, discussing the upcoming transition period which will begin when Mark Harris retires at the end of July. We have been in touch with the New England Region of the UUA and have been assigned a […]