Greetings and Gratitude!

Our church continues to thrive in this church year. We now have a new way to look at the total numbers of people attending our Sunday services. When you log into zoom on a Sunday morning, you may see 47 screens logged in as you did last week, a number of these are 2 (or more) attendees. Then we add the number of members who are live at the service plus our Choir members. This past Sunday, we reached over 90 adults before adding the number of youths enjoying the Sunday morning story! These are exciting numbers to celebrate. We have also had new people joining us this year.  We welcome you and are so grateful to expand our community!

Since our sanctuary has opened, over 55 members, friends and newcomers have experienced a live Sunday service.  As more children and youth become vaccinated, we look forward to more of you experiencing live services as feels right for you and your family. It is wonderful to know that both options of in person and online worship will remain into our future. This inclusiveness is what we’ve strived for as a community and to see it come to fruition is a joy.

The feedback for in person services has been overwhelmingly positive. Twelve people attended the Nov 14th after service on-line feedback session.  The feedback was positive and some good ideas were shared.  All agreed they are very happy with how we are moving forward.  As our AV Tech people navigate the many intricacies of a multi-platform service, we are so very grateful to them and all of you for attending Sunday services!

Parish Committee continues to work to support the many other aspects of FPW life. We will continue to share our on-going work in our next article.  For today, we would like to express our deep gratitude for you our FPW family and friends.   You are the true joy of church life!

Your Parish Committee

Parish Committee
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The church is governed by the Parish Committee, made up of seven members elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. The Parish Committee sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.