Greetings from Parish Committee!
What a busy time it has been for all. The month began with Parish Committee coordinating a meeting to discuss the Multi-Platform services and our in-person protocols with a wider scope of people. The meeting included three Parish Comm members, the Opening Up group, 3 staff and committee representatives from Worship, RE, Personnel and Safe Congregations. The group had an in-depth discussion focused on clarifying the in-person attendance protocols. We also developed two statements, one “Statement by the Church” and a second “Community Responsibility”. The updated clarification of our protocols is posted on the home page of our website under “Multi-Platform Worship”. The statements are also posted with the protocols on our website and are included below. We all learned a lot from each other’s perspectives. Parish Committee voted unanimously to adopt the new protocols and the statements developed by the larger group.
Many members of our congregation have been interested in knowing how others are thinking and feeling about all the changes this year and suggested a church wide survey. The above group discussed some questions for the survey and Parish Comm completed the process. A link to the survey has been posted in the Arbella over the past few weeks, it is also posted in this week’s Arbella! We hope you will all take a few minutes to answer the survey if you haven’t already, your ideas and thoughts matter! We look forward to hearing all your voices.
We’d like to thank the many volunteers who have come forward to learn the Sunday morning Zoom, we thank you so much for giving some well-deserved time off to our dedicated staff and AV group. Their commitment to Sunday morning worship has been unwavering and we are deeply grateful. There is room for more Zoom volunteers and soon another group will be learning YouTube streaming. YouTube streaming is used for Vespers, other special services and some of our (soon to start) piano recital rentals. If you are interested in volunteering let us know.
Last night was our Winter Solstice service, all planned by volunteers, thank you very much to all involved for keeping this FPW tradition, we thank you from every direction!
Speaking of volunteers, the RE Pageant was amazing this year! The children and youth, DRE Lauren, RE Committee and many, many volunteers created an amazing experience for the children, youth, and wider church. Starting with the outdoor performance, staging, lighting, filming and hot chocolate it was a fun time had by all. Pageant Sunday was a wonderful service, we thank you!
As this is being written our Staff and Worship Committee are preparing for the Christmas Eve. Service. Words fall short to thank you for your many hours of planning and thoughtfulness. We all look forward to this service, our hearts will all be joined, this is the blessing of Church.
May everyone have a happy and healthy close of this year and a bright joyful new year,
Your Parish Committee
Statement by the Church
We will do our best to provide the safest space possible for staff, volunteers, and attendees when they are present in the sanctuary. We cannot control nature. We are enthusiastic to offer both in person and virtual services and strive for both experiences to be spiritually enriching. Please honor your comfort level. Your comfort and peace of mind is our utmost priority.
Community Responsibility
As part of our ministering to each other we commit to keep each other as safe as possible. We depend on each other for our in-person worship to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Please attend only if you are feeling well. In these times we are all very sensitive to being in the presence of someone who is not feeling well. If you are coming down with something you think may just be a cold, please stay home and enjoy the service virtually. We appreciate your care and concern for each other.

Parish Committee
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The church is governed by the Parish Committee, made up of seven members elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. The Parish Committee sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.