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Opt Up: Watertown Electricity Choice

Jan 24, 2020

With encouragement from The Green Sanctuary Committee, First Parish Watertown and the First Parish parsonage recently joined households and businesses in Watertown in opting up to 100 percent locally sourced renewable energy for their electricity. In the fall of 2019 Watertown residents with Eversource accounts began to receive 51 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. Watertown joined over 140 other Massachusetts communities engaged in electricity aggregation to provide energy from New England based wind, solar and water powered electricity. This change was the result of work by Watertown Faces Climate Change, the Watertown Town Council, and Watertown’s Energy Committee.

Residents can, if they choose to do so, “Opt Up” to 100 percent renewable energy. If you live in Watertown, and have not already “opted up” please consider doing so. This is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing 100 percent renewable energy with Eversource you will enjoy protections and oversight from this Watertown-sponsored program. At certain times of the year it may cost a few dollars more per month, at other times because the town has locked in rates with Eversource your electricity may cost the same or even less.

To Opt Up, you need to have your Eversource Account Number ready and then call: 1-866-968-8065 and ask to be OPTED UP to 100 percent Renewable. For more information contact Mass Power Choice or find answers to frequently asked questions from the Watertown Citizens for Peace Justice and the Environment (PDF).

Thank you, Eileen Ryan for the Green Sanctuary Committee

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The Green Sanctuary Committee is charged with informing the members about environmental issues and helping to transform individual lives and the church’s building and programs so that we can all reduce our carbon footprint and avert greater environmental desecration.

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