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Musically Speaking – September 2023

Sep 1, 2023
I write this while visiting my family in the Pacific Northwest  I hope you are still in the same aura of calm as I am even as the summer winds down. We all look forward to being together again as our church season begins anew. Welcome Samantha!!

There is much to look forward to. The theme of the year is LOVE. We welcome a new way to experience love and I know we will explore (with curiosity, enthusiasm, kindness, empathy) this theme together.  I know that music will be part of the glue that keeps us together.  

What is new on the music scene?  The First Parish choir starts with an introductory meeting on Thursday, Sept. 7th at 7 pm in the sanctuary. There are some changes in our choir schedule that I will share at that gathering.  It is mostly a time for people to socialize. We welcome all to join us.  

The postlude of our services will feel differently than it ever has. I only say that to make you curious! Another news flash is that the choir will sing on Sundays for Earth Day and Memorial Day. Music Sunday is in February, not May.  

The theme for September is: WELCOME. I welcome people in the sanctuary and virtually. Welcome fall, Welcome to our community. Welcome change, as we work with Samantha.  

Excited to see you in church September 10th!


Charlyn Bethell
Music Director | + posts

Charlyn’s professional training has followed two paths: as a professional oboist and as a music teacher and conductor. As Music Director at First Parish, she joins these two paths of her musical life, conducting the choir, coordinating guest musicians, and performing on oboe.

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