Ah, for Musical Memories!  Take a moment and sing a song in your head.  It can be from a Broadway musical, a motown hit song, R & B, country, jazz, hip-hop, rock n roll, or from classical repertory.  It could be a song the choir sang last week or a hymn from a church service.  If you are like me, music can take you back to another time.  Music can connect us to memories.  Those memories can keep us grounded and help us remember days of yore, “who we used to be” or “the way we were”.  I like to think that during the years that have transpired between then and now, I have learned a few things and I have grown in good ways.  It is equally wonderful to remember, as the weather gets cold again, summer days of dancing on the beach and music that made us dance.  For those moments, we are warm and carefree.  And we can be those things again, just fire up the song and have a listen.  We may want to renew ourselves—and all it takes is a song.
Since I grew up moving around, the songs I think of put me in touch with a place that my family lived.  Music was played in my home during happy times and seldom in unhappy ones.  And so, my musical memories lift me up.  Some songs I remember fondly:  Bobby Darin:  Dream, Let there be Peace on Earth—I was singing in a very large choir and loved losing myself in that song, Steppenwolf:  Magic Carpet Ride, anything by the Beatles, a haunting orchestral piece by Mendelssohn called Fingal’s Cave,  Bob Dylan:  Like a Rolling Stone when we were driving across country to my father’s new job, Fur Elise by Beethoven, Wagner:  Overture to the Flying Dutchman.  
Please take a moment to imagine some of your favorite music and then let yourself be the person you are now alongside the person you were then.  Maybe tell someone about this and share the music with them!  You will have my ear anytime at church for such a discussion!   What music takes you back?  What visual sights and smells and tactile feelings come with that music?  I think we are more whole for looking back—for gratitude, for healing, for renewed joy.  
See you in church!
Musical happenings at First Parish in November include:
November 17th!  This is the service done by Matt Meyer, an amazing musician and spiritual leader. He will be leading a Drumming and Spirituality workshop at 12:30 to 2 pm that day, downstairs, and I hope many of you will sign up to be included.  Spending quality and musical time with Matt will be a gift to us as we begin the holiday season.  There will be a fee for this session of $20 and it can be waived as needed.  Please see me or email me your interest in attending.
November 24th is our intergenerational service for Thanksgiving.
Our choir sings at the December 8th service.  Choir rehearsals for that round of songs:
(November 7— past)  NOT November 14th  Definitely November 21st, NOT November 28th (Thanksgiving),  Definitely December 5th.