I am excited!  I just met lots of new folks at the Newcomer’s lunch and the energy in the room was awesome.  As I remember this time last year, we were ready to open our arms to each other for celebrating the holidays, singing together, being together;  and instead we needed to scale everything back to save ourselves from a Covid outbreak.  Now, we are ready to spread our wings, to embrace people new to us, and to sing our hearts out together for the holidays.

We have so much to be thankful for because we are not only returning to what we were but we are becoming who we want to be:  Loving, Welcoming.  Our sense of Wonder abounds. 

This month, First Parish is a busy place!  When you read this, there will have been one Vespers service and there will be another on Tuesday, Dec. 13th.  Our pageant is on Sunday, Dec. 18th and will be a bustle of energy, being led by the youth, children and RE committee with many volunteers.  The annual Solstice service is on Wednesday, Dec. 21st with song and music and readings that honor the return of the light.  Christmas eve will be filled with carols to sing, our choir singing two beautiful anthems, readings, the Christmas story related by Rev. Sophia, and fellowship with cookies!  Since Christmas eve is on a Saturday, we do not have a church service on Sunday, Dec. 25th.  But we do have a service on Sunday, Jan. 1st.

I am sending over two links to music that we will be singing at our Christmas eve service:  Hymn #249   “On This Day, Everywhere” and Hymn #1051 in Singing the Journey (teal hymnal) “We Are….”  Both will get you in the spirit and will help you participate in the service on Christmas eve. 

Blessings to you all with our best wishes for 2023!

Charlyn Bethell
Music Director | + posts

Charlyn’s professional training has followed two paths: as a professional oboist and as a music teacher and conductor. As Music Director at First Parish, she joins these two paths of her musical life, conducting the choir, coordinating guest musicians, and performing on oboe.