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Musically Speaking – September 10th, 2021

Our worship theme for September is Possibility and may be the perfect focus as we embark upon hybrid worship.  Why “the loud and the soft”, you ask?  It is a metaphor describing our services.  Musically speaking, dynamics are making music loud, soft, getting louder, or getting softer.

Musically Speaking – May 2021

“Story” is our theme for May.  Music Sunday is this coming Sunday, May 16th.  We can have music tell a story, we could tell our story ABOUT music, we could tell about our lives WITH music, and we could let music BE our story.  Our Music Sunday service is titled  “Our Musical Stories”. Let’s start with a story from the movie, Lilies of the Field.   An itinerant worker, Homer Smith,  played by Sydney Poitier, happens by a group of Eastern European nuns, who are convinced that he was sent by God...

Musically Speaking – April 9, 2021

Happy Spring, everyone!  I am thinking about entertainers who sing to us.  They could be live or virtual.  They are energetic, they move their hands and their legs, they dance, they smile, and they look right at us.  Their enthusiasm is infectious.  You can tell that they are reaching out to us and creating a common bond with you.  The music is part of them because they know it by heart. Now imagine that they are holding a copy of the music they are singing while they are singing.  Their...

Musically Speaking – March 12, 2021

Our theme for March is commitment.  I have been thinking about how commitment usually starts as a personal decision, born of our inner drives, but that as we share our lives with others, commitment spills over to the people around us.  I think this is especially true about worshiping together at First Parish, in all of its many facets.  It is certainly true about singing in choir.  The success of the choir is wholly dependent on the commitment of its members, and during the pandemic the...

Musically Speaking – February 12, 2021

As I have said several times recently, I have been working this year to make Black Lives Matter an overarching theme for music at First Parish.  In thinking about how to do this, I have been reflecting on how UU thinking helps give guidance.  For example, one of our UU principals is: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning”.  And then, from the Sources of the Living Tradition: “Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a...

Musically Speaking – January 8, 2021

To sit and dream To sit and dream about the world. Outside our world of here and now Outside our world, our problem world. To dream of vast horizons of the soul. Of dreams made whole, unfettered, free. Help me, help me.  All you who are dreamers too. Help me make our world anew. I reach out my hand to you! To sit and dream To sit and read To sit and learn about the world. To sit and dream. —Words from “To You” by Langston Hughes Happy New Year, everyone!  I find myself imagining the world at...

Musically Speaking – December 2020

Happy Holidays!  Yes, we must stay safe and well, and part of that is staying connected to each other.  Our community has never been more important than during this pandemic.  Now, with the holidays here, we are there for each other to provide light in this season of darkness and comfort to anyone who might feel alone.  In that spirit, I must tell you about what the choir is doing. Besides singing for our services, many choir members are coming together on Zoom every other week to sharing what...

Musically Speaking – November 2020

Do you ever wake up with a song in your mind?  I do.  Today I woke up singing our Hymn of the Month,  The Lone Wild Bird.  This is not unusual for me.  The music around me really does permeate my inner life.  Inside my head, I tend to continue to sing music I am playing on my oboe, choir music, children’s music, and now even hymns.  I am constantly finding new ways to do old songs.  Considering the upheaval of the last few weeks, the dream lives we have could be corrupted with the political...

Musically Speaking – October 2020

Sometimes Deep Listening for me is to hear something new in a piece of music each time I listen to it.  To do that, the music has to be first and foremost the only thing I am thinking about.  Music at our house is seldom in the “background”.  Years ago, as a college student and music major, I took it upon myself to listen over and over to a piano piece by Charles Ives, the Concord Sonata.  These pieces are abstract, certainly an acquired taste;  one does not walk away from hearing Ives...

Musically Speaking – September 2020

Welcome back to First Parish Watertown!  I am so very happy to see you at our Zoom worship services.  Guy and I, along with Wendy, Lauren, and Allison have become a tight collaborative unit for creating online worship.   I am also excited that we are continuing to do what we know works along with finding ways to change things up.  I am feeling genuinely excited and open.   Music this year will include creative ways to do preludes, meditations, and hymns.  We will have a hymn of the month that...

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Music engages our community and adds a spark to every listener and participant!

Weekly worship services include hymns and instrumental music.  Our pianist and guest musicians express a wide variety of styles, including Classical, folk, jazz, ethnic and world music, popular music, and music composed by contemporary artists.

Our choir performs both sacred and contemporary music in services and in special concerts.  Our band brings down the house at the Flower Service in June and the annual Talent Show!

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