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The View From Here – February 2024

Greetings Church Family, I pray that you and yours are well these days. February is an interesting time of ‘looking ahead’ in the life of church as membership, giving and nominating seasons begin to make their plans for the next church year, which begins in April, right after our Annual Meeting takes place. This ‘looking ahead’ offers excitement, deep discernment, and good forward motion, which is nice to feel in the cold months of winter. Quite serendipitously, just as spring bursts forth, so...

The View from Here – January 5th, 2024

Greetings Church Family, I pray that you and yours are well and that you have what you need these days. Our month’s worship theme is Liberating Love and, personally, I’m feeling a lot of it at First Parish. I have come to love you and this congregation so deeply. You make me laugh, you challenge me, you teach me, you inspire me, and your continued kindness and generosity towards me and one another, makes being your minister a complete joy. We are truly a blessed church. This coming Sunday,...

The View From Here – December 2023

Greetings Church Family, There is a spirit of this season that I love and need, with its promise of light shining in the darkness, and love being born in the most unexpected of places. I can feel this light and love in this building–particularly in our sanctuary–and also when I am with and among you. I feel so blessed to be a minister, your minister, at this time of the year. This is what many call the Season of Light. We will light our first Advent candle on Sunday, which ritualizes the slow...

The View From Here – November 3, 2023

Greetings Church Family, I pray that each of you are well these days.   This month, as we reflect on the theme of Generosity, I hope you’ll spend some time thinking and wondering about your spiritual journey of giving and receiving–the generous spirit. Would you say that it’s easier to give and harder to receive? Or the other way around? How does your belief system align with Generosity? What has church given you, and what gifts have you brought to church?   One of the things I love about our...

The Great Conversation – 10/8/2023

The Great Conversation Readings from Indigenous Peoples Sunday October 8, 2023 Land Acknowledgement We worship on the ancestral homeland of the Massachusett Tribe at a place named for the meadows at the widening of the river.  The original peoples who lived here stewarded the land and fished in the river which they called Quinobequin.  We acknowledge that this land is unceded and remains sacred to the Massachusett, the Nipmuc, and Wampanoag Nations.  We recognize the violence perpetrated upon...

The View from Here – October 2023

Greetings Church Family, How are you these days? August and September were full months, and this congregation did a stellar job of jumping into the bustle of church life with ever-faithful spirits. We’ve had difficult conversations around the changes to the building, welcomed in a new staff member and ministry, and continue to consider who we are and long to be as a faith community post-pandemic. These are, as many of you have wisely noted, uncharted paths and waters. There is so much change...

The View From Here – September 2023

Where you go I will go Beloved/Where you go I will go/Your people are my people/Your people are mine/Your people are my people/Your Divine, my Divine. I was taught this sweet song at this year’s General Assembly, by the remarkable Music Director Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout. I was so moved by this piece of music that we will be teaching it to you at our Water Communion worship service on September 10th. It will be beautiful way to end this special service and I can’t wait to sing it with you!   The...

The View from Here – June 2nd, 2023

Greetings church family! I pray that you and yours are well these days. I love this month’s theme. Delight. One of my favorite activists is the fierce Dorothy Day who devoted her life to working on behalf of the poor and homeless in the early 20th century. Her faith was a hefty one and it not only fueled her convictions, but also anchored her to an unshakeable joy. She is famously known for saying: “It is my duty to pay attention to the suffering. And it is my duty to pay attention to...

The View From Here – May 5th, 2023

Greetings church family! I pray that you and yours are well these days. Over the next month we are going to have some fun. For one thing, your Variety Show is on May 13th. This will be the first time in three years that this will be back in the sanctuary. I am grateful to Fellowship Committee for herding all the talent and bringing us together for a meal beforehand. And that’s not all! Keep a close eye on all the events and meaningful gatherings coming up this month–the weather is warming, and...

The View From Here – April 7th, 2023

Happy spring church family! I pray you are well and that your spirits are intact. You are always on my mind and in my heart. I like thinking about the spirit of seasons too. Personally, I need spring’s spirit, with its promise of regeneration, new life and light, after a season of quiet, fallow time. It teaches me to hold out hope and look closely–for nothing is ever really lost. Buds are everywhere right now. Have you seen them? I am really looking forward to Easter service this Sunday. It...

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