Minister’s Blog

In the Interim – 9/6/2019

Greetings! I’m delighted to finally be here with you, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of you as we travel the Interim Path together. I very much look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks and getting to know you – andyour hopes and dreams for First Parish – in the […]

Captain’s Log, May 31 2019

This column would normally be my goodbye for the summer missive, but it is a goodbye to the church and ministry column instead. This summer will bring a massive sea change in my life, and a changing face of ministry here.  I think by now you have all heard or read plenty of sermons on […]

Captain’s Log – May 2019

I am writing this column on my Kindle fire from an AirBnB in Washington, D.C.. Yesterday we saw the African American History museum, something I have wanted to do for years. It is a gut wrenching experience, and many times I felt tears come to my eyes. In several places the visitor finds shackles, as […]

Captain’s Log, April 2019

At the annual meeting there will be a warrant item asking the congregation to approve the granting of “Minister Emeritus” status for me.   What does this mean?  It is an honorary title given to someone (a minister or college professor) who has usually performed long and meritorious service to an institution.  I suppose you could […]

Captain’s Log, March 2019

The storms this winter have mostly been an odd mixture of ice, rain and snow.  Some of us would prefer warm temperatures and rain, and others like a lot more snow, but I am not sure any of us like the mixture.  Yet even if we have more cold and/or snow we also know it […]

Captain’s Log, February 2019

Some of you have probably noticed by now that every sermon I write has some reference to saying goodbye or letting go or thinking about the future. Think of January and its sermons on dreams, getting old, and reconciliation on the journey of life (all posted on the website).  Of course every sermon I preach […]

Captain’s Log, January 2019

Happy New Year.  I hope everyone had enjoyable and relaxing holidays.  New Year’s is always symbolized by a new baby, and the outgoing year is often represented by Father Time, an old geezer with a scythe.  The New Year often challenges us to think about how things will be different in the coming 12 months.  […]