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In the Interim – Feburary 5, 2021

During the month of February, we will be reflecting together on the meaning of Beloved Community.  For the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Beloved Community was an important concept, the aspirational vision of a community that included everyone, that did not discriminate against or exclude people based on race, nationality, class, religion, gender or other difference. Although he had no illusions that Beloved Community would be easy, for King, it was not a utopian vision, but a realistic and...

In the Interim – January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! During the month of January, we will be exploring the theme of “Imagination.” There are many ways we can use imagination, and all of them help to shape our reality. We can imagine a better world or the best possible outcome in any situation and be inspired to work toward them. We can also imagine worse-case scenarios and either begin to prepare for them in practical ways or choose to give up entirely in the face of them. No matter what we imagine, we have agency and we can...

In the Interim – November 6, 2020

This month at First Parish we will be reflecting together on the theme of “healing.” The word “heal” comes from an old English word that means “whole,” or “wholeness.” The first dictionary definition of “healing” is “curing,” but to be clear, to become whole does not always mean to be cured. Sometimes healing is less about “fixing” or “restoring” to an earlier unbroken state and more about growing in new healthy ways. By the time you read this week’s newsletter, we may…or we may not…know the...

In the Interim – October 2nd, 2020

Welcome to October, the first full month of shorter days and longer nights, as the leaves on the trees begin to turn and fall in earnest! This month will be a busy one at First Parish, as you are invited to participate in cottage meetings and focus groups and a very important workshop, all sponsored by your amazing Ministerial Search Committee! Your participation at this point in the search process is vital, so please do try to attend at least one cottage meeting as well as the Beyond...

In the Interim September, 2020

Welcome to a new church year! I am very much looking forward to being together again, albeit virtually! I look forward to seeing your faces and hearing your voices and working together to build a stronger church community and a better world! If I am quite honest, however, I must say I am looking forward to this year a mixture of excitement, trepidation, and grief. On the one hand, as we begin this second year of interim ministry together, your Search Committee is hard at work, organizing,...

In the Interim – May 1, 2020

In the fall when we chose our worship themes for the year, we decided on the theme of “thresholds” for May. Thresholds are those places between and it seemed like a promising theme for a congregation between settled ministers and on the cusp of its second of two interim years. According to a threshold is “the sill of a doorway,” “the entrance to a house or building,” or “any place or point of entering or beginning.” We cross thresholds every day of our lives, usually without...

In the Interim – June 2020

As I write, peaceful protests in defense of black lives continue to grow in cities and towns in all 50 states. I think this is good news. And I pray for those who continue to put their bodies on the line for justice. Violence committed against protesters by police, egregious and unnecessary, is being recorded and reported. I think this is good news. And I pray for the victims of that violence. I pray that those who perpetrate it will be held accountable for it. And I pray that their hardened...

In the Interim – April 2020

I’ve been thinking more than usual about plagues. (Frankly, I’ve never really had cause to think about them before!) I’m pondering them today not only because of our current situation with this novel coronavirus epidemic, but also because Passover is fast approaching.

In The Interim – 3/6/2020

This month we turn our attention to the theme of Abundance and Generosity. This is an opportunity to reflect on and appreciate the abundance in our own lives. This can be a real challenge for us at times, I know. After all, we live in a society, in a consumer culture, which tells us constantly that we are never enough and that we never have enough. In the words of my colleague, the Rev. Angela Herrera, “Abundance is not about having what you want, but about noticing what you have, and...

In the Interim – February 2020

During this month of February, we are exploring the two-fold theme of “Identity and Belonging.” These two concepts are really two sides of one coin, in a sense. Identity asks the question, “Who am I?” while Belonging asks the question, “Whose am I?” And there is in these two questions an inherent tension, the tension between the individual and the community, between independence and interdependence. There are, of course, many aspects of one’s identity: gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity,...

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