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From Your Minister – September 3rd, 2021

This past month has been a time of sharing stories; a time of good reflection; and a time of imagining what the coming days might look like. For what will this church year hold? Of course, this is only a beginning. I have not met many of you. We are only at the start of this our ministry together. And there is plenty of time. I plan to move slow Dear Ones. For now, we ready ourselves for returning to church–we begin here. And we will begin as we always do, with a Water Communion Service on...

Welcome letter from Rev. Sophia

Dearest Friends and Members of FPW, I pray this finds you and yours well. Since May–on that blessed Sunday when you unanimously voted YES to this our ministry together–I have been filled with a thrum of excitement and anticipation for this week to arrive. And it is finally here. Blessed be. My family and I moved into the beautiful parsonage on July 1st, made entirely possible by the love, care and attentiveness of Will Trombly and the Buildings and Grounds Committee. I sense that more hands...

In the Interim – June 2021

It is hard to believe, but the end of this two-year Interim Period is fast approaching, and it is almost time to say “good-bye.”  This coming Sunday, June 6th, we will be holding our second virtual flower communion. Sunday, June 13th will be the annual Youth Group worship service. And Sunday, June 20th will be the final service of the formal church year, and my final Sunday leading worship at First Parish of Watertown. How to say goodbye at the end of 15-months of socially distant worship and...

In the Interim – May 7, 2021

First of all, I just have to say…Congratulations! I’m so exited for you and for Rev. Sophia as you look forward to beginning the next chapter of your adventure together! While you were spending your time getting to know Rev. Sophia – and she, you – during your Candidating Week, I was attending the annual conference of the Transitional Ministers Chapter of the UU Ministers Association (UUMA).  Each year we meet to sharpen our skills and to deepen our connections to one another and our...

In the Interim – April 2nd, 2021

This month’s worship theme is Becoming, and I cannot help but think how seasonally appropriate that is. The bulbs that have lain dormant in the cold earth are just now becoming crocuses and daffodils. The buds on the trees, too, are about to burst, becoming flowers of many kinds and colors. With the Search Committee having concluded its deliberations (and, presumedly, by the time you read this, having made an offer to one candidate), a new settled ministry is that much closer to becoming a...

In the Interim – March 2021

This coming month at First Parish we will be reflecting together on the theme of “commitment.” Over the course of the next several Sundays, we will be considering the various commitments we make…to ourselves, to our families (however we define them), to our communities (including our religious community), and even to our God/Goddess/a Higher Power or our most deeply held values. In particular, this is a good month to reflect on the commitments we make to First Parish. During the month of...

In the Interim – Feburary 5, 2021

During the month of February, we will be reflecting together on the meaning of Beloved Community.  For the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Beloved Community was an important concept, the aspirational vision of a community that included everyone, that did not discriminate against or exclude people based on race, nationality, class, religion, gender or other difference. Although he had no illusions that Beloved Community would be easy, for King, it was not a utopian vision, but a realistic and...

In the Interim – January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! During the month of January, we will be exploring the theme of “Imagination.” There are many ways we can use imagination, and all of them help to shape our reality. We can imagine a better world or the best possible outcome in any situation and be inspired to work toward them. We can also imagine worse-case scenarios and either begin to prepare for them in practical ways or choose to give up entirely in the face of them. No matter what we imagine, we have agency and we can...

In the Interim – December 4th, 2020

This month at First Parish we will be reflecting together in worship on our own relationships with stillness, and with the benefits that come from being still. This season is often a busy one, filled with activities and to-do lists. Perhaps, because of the pandemic, that will not be so true this year, at least not in the familiar ways. Perhaps you welcome the idea of “doing” less, or perhaps you dread it. But in either case, there are benefits that can come from the practice of being still. In...

In the Interim – November 6, 2020

This month at First Parish we will be reflecting together on the theme of “healing.” The word “heal” comes from an old English word that means “whole,” or “wholeness.” The first dictionary definition of “healing” is “curing,” but to be clear, to become whole does not always mean to be cured. Sometimes healing is less about “fixing” or “restoring” to an earlier unbroken state and more about growing in new healthy ways. By the time you read this week’s newsletter, we may…or we may not…know the...

“In the Interim”
A column by our interim minister Reverend Wendy Bell (2019-2021).

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