Minister’s Blog

In the Interim – June 2020

As I write, peaceful protests in defense of black lives continue to grow in cities and towns in all 50 states. I think this is good news. And I pray for those who continue to put their bodies on the line for justice. Violence committed against protesters by police, egregious and unnecessary, is being recorded […]

In the Interim – May 1, 2020

In the fall when we chose our worship themes for the year, we decided on the theme of “thresholds” for May. Thresholds are those places between and it seemed like a promising theme for a congregation between settled ministers and on the cusp of its second of two interim years. According to a threshold […]

In the Interim – April 2020

I’ve been thinking more than usual about plagues. (Frankly, I’ve never really had cause to think about them before!) I’m pondering them today not only because of our current situation with this novel coronavirus epidemic, but also because Passover is fast approaching.

In The Interim – 3/6/2020

This month we turn our attention to the theme of Abundance and Generosity. This is an opportunity to reflect on and appreciate the abundance in our own lives. This can be a real challenge for us at times, I know. After all, we live in a society, in a consumer culture, which tells us constantly […]

In the Interim – February 2020

During this month of February, we are exploring the two-fold theme of “Identity and Belonging.” These two concepts are really two sides of one coin, in a sense. Identity asks the question, “Who am I?” while Belonging asks the question, “Whose am I?” And there is in these two questions an inherent tension, the tension […]

In the Interim – January 2020

The work of a congregation during a time of interim ministry is partly to look backward to the past, partly to look around in the present, and partly to look ahead to the future. These are not necessarily linear tasks, but tasks that intermingle as we move together through these two years in preparation for […]

In the Interim – 12/6/2019

And so, December comes! Our Christian neighbors and friends have begun their celebration of Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year, a season of waiting for the arrival of baby Jesus, born again in old stories and anew in hearts and minds. Meanwhile, as the darkness of winter deepens, we all wait for the […]

In the Interim – 10/4/2019

During October we will be reflecting together on our theme, which is “Letting Go.” What an apt theme for this season, as the trees let go their leaves, making room for the barrenness of winter and for the new life that will come in the spring! In worship, we will consider the need to let […]

In the Interim – 9/6/2019

Greetings! I’m delighted to finally be here with you, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of you as we travel the Interim Path together. I very much look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks and getting to know you – andyour hopes and dreams for First Parish – in the […]

Captain’s Log, May 31 2019

This column would normally be my goodbye for the summer missive, but it is a goodbye to the church and ministry column instead. This summer will bring a massive sea change in my life, and a changing face of ministry here.  I think by now you have all heard or read plenty of sermons on […]

Captain’s Log – May 2019

I am writing this column on my Kindle fire from an AirBnB in Washington, D.C.. Yesterday we saw the African American History museum, something I have wanted to do for years. It is a gut wrenching experience, and many times I felt tears come to my eyes. In several places the visitor finds shackles, as […]

Captain’s Log, April 2019

At the annual meeting there will be a warrant item asking the congregation to approve the granting of “Minister Emeritus” status for me.   What does this mean?  It is an honorary title given to someone (a minister or college professor) who has usually performed long and meritorious service to an institution.  I suppose you could […]

Captain’s Log, March 2019

The storms this winter have mostly been an odd mixture of ice, rain and snow.  Some of us would prefer warm temperatures and rain, and others like a lot more snow, but I am not sure any of us like the mixture.  Yet even if we have more cold and/or snow we also know it […]