The work of a congregation during a time of interim ministry is partly to look backward to the past, partly to look around in the present, and partly to look ahead to the future. These are not necessarily linear tasks, but tasks that intermingle as we move together through these two years in preparation for your search for a new settled minister.

During this month of January, we will begin looking ahead in earnest as we focus in worship on the theme of “Vision and Possibility.” On Sunday, January 12th, I’ll be preaching a sermon called “Envisioning Our Future” in which I will invite you to do just that. And after the service that morning there will be an opportunity to talk with one another about what you imagine the possibilities might be.

The goal of the conversation will be simply to have a conversation and to see where it might lead. There will be no end-products, no deliverables, no decisions made, no votes taken. It will be an opportunity to check in, to share ideas, to raise question or concerns. I invite and encourage any and all of you – members and friends – to attend.

Next month, in February, as we reflect on the theme of “Identity and Belonging” together, we will have another service followed by conversation on the topic of Covenant (Date TBD, stay tuned!) And in either March or April, we will have a third such morning during which we reflect on Mission. Together, these three conversations will help prime the pump for future conversations which will be facilitated by the Search Committee, once its members have been elected in the spring and it has begun to do its important work.

In the meantime, please be in touch if you have any questions or concerns about the congregation or the interim work in general. I look forward to seeing you on the 12th (and hopefully before!) And I wish you and your families a very blessed New Year!

Rev. Wendy