Greetings Church Family!  

I pray all of you and yours are well and have what you need these days.
Despite the cold snap earlier this week, I feel spring thrumming all around. The parsonage is home to a beautiful lilac tree and its green leaves are unfurling more and more every day. Olive, Poppy, and I have our bets on what color these Marshall Street lilacs might be and are genuinely enjoying the daily suspense.
Given the state of the world, this might seem terribly trite. For what could gazing at lilacs possibly accomplish? For myself, these small, Earthen revelries remind me that nothing stays the same, that a great and hopeful Awakening is abound, and that beauty and joy can still be found most anywhere. My nervous system quiets when I take the time to consider this, and to take in the daffodil shoots pushing their way up out of the ground…against all odds. I hope you can also carve out a bit of time to touch the Earth and breathe deeply this month. You are holding and doing so much Dear Ones.
Our theme this month is Awakening, and I hope you will join me in asking what is coming awake in you, and in this our ministry together? We will get to explore these questions in a deeper way when we gather later this month for reflective conversations on our shared ministry, hosted by the Committee on Ministry. We will also be holding another 8th Principle Gathering which will help us to continue waking up to one another, and to our faith’s call for justice and liberation. Last, our kids and families will, after two long years, be returning to church beginning this Sunday. What might this return awake in all of us?
We really are finding our way home to one another in stunning ways, aren’t we? Against all odds, we rise!
Take heart in this my friends. Take heart in this.
In faith and with love,
Rev. Sophia

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