Greetings from Parish Committee! What is there to say after Sundays Installation service! What a celebration of our congregation and Rev. Sophia’s shared ministry, it left us speechless. The planning committee did an amazing job, committee on ministry and Will Twombly designed, and Will build, our congregations’ gift to Rev. Sophia, a spectacular new pulpit. The choir and band filled the sanctuary with  joyful music and song, our hearts were full. The reception that followed had many volunteers who made the day complete. Many sincere thank you’ s to go around to everyone!

Rev. Sophia in return gifted the church a new Chalice which she shared symbolizes the intertwining circles of our shared ministry, it’s truly beautiful.  Most important were the words of covenant exchanged between the congregation, youth & children, and Rev. Sophia. We will reflect on the deep meaning of these words for a long time to come as we walk the road ahead, together. If you were unable to attend on Sunday please see the 2 links below, one to the order of service which the words of covenant are in and the link to the service so you can watch it or watch again!

Parish committee update. Members of Parish Committee are working with many different groups and committees, in a number of areas of the church, here are a few highlights: supporting our Administrator in new Rental processes as we are now back to having rentals, a new sexton, and provide You Tube streaming for some rentals. The DRE search and ways to come together to envision our dreams for RE, more to follow on this will be in a future newsletter. Work on updating our policies continues and development of new policies, one for a continued Greener church. There were many congregants who attended a heartfelt “how we welcome” walk through of the church with an eye on our history and who we are today. Parish Committee will be organizing ongoing conversations with the congregation surrounding this topic in the coming months. It will be a full, growing and exciting year!

A big thank you to all the FPW staff who have worked so hard in the past 2 months as we gather back together! In closing please feel free to email Parish Comm with any thoughts, answers to something you haven’t seen a response to, question or concerns, we’re here for you. Our email is

See you in church!

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The church is governed by the Parish Committee, made up of seven members elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. The Parish Committee sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.