The Parish and Nominating Committees are really busy!  We are in the process of collecting nominations for our Ministerial Search Committee this week.  Our goal is to try and reach every member and friend to give them an opportunity to nominate someone for the Search Committee.  If you are able, please sign up for one of the remaining small group discussions.  You will be getting an e-mail reminder this week.  If you cannot participate, but wish to make a nomination of someone ( or yourself) to represent us on this important committee, please send an email with your nomination(s) to We are asking for up to four nominations from everyone.

Here are some other helpful resources about the upcoming ministerial search that you might want to check out:

For information on the search process on our website:

The UUA recommended process for selecting a settled minister:

As the governor has announced some re-opening plans for the state, you may wonder what First Parish is going to do.  The Parish committee will be working with several other committees and the staff to create a plan for the gradual re-opening of our building.  For the near future, our building remain closed to any gatherings.  We will continue to hold our wonderful on-line Sunday services and other on-line events and meetings.  Our goal is to re-open in a way that is inclusive of all and enables everyone to participate in the life and programs of our church.  Together we will find our way!

Sue Twombly, for the Parish Committee
Kristin Bray
Nick Haddad
Kate Hanson Plass
Jean Merkl-Gorman
Kelly Morton
Dia Warren

Parish Committee
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The church is governed by the Parish Committee, made up of seven members elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting for a term of three years. The Parish Committee sets policy, hires staff, and manages the overall direction and business of the church.